13 October 2023

Infinite: Game Strategy & Mission...

As our uncertain world becomes more turbulent with hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, regional wars, asymmetric ransomware hacks and the increased number of horrific crimes or terrorist plots, we must remain resilient.

The “Infinite Game” we are living and operating in each day, truly requires enlightened thinking.

Before you changed, your thoughts about the game were “Finite”. There was a clock counting down or there was only so many innings or golf holes remaining in the round.

The score was not quite tabulated or finished yet to determine the winner and the loser of the game.

Unfortunately for many in that current competition, it is always about the number on the scoreboard. The Wins and Losses. The number of "Followers". The number of locations. The number of employees. The number of dollars in the bank.

As our turbulent environments at home, at work and in our small towns to our major cities become more extreme and less certain, it requires a new mindset.

An “Infinite Mindset” as defined by Simon Sinek or James P. Carse puts your senses on the longevity of staying in the game longer than the others.

Those who live each day always behaving and acting only to win, shall continue their war, perpetuate the competition until they win.

In between losses and defeats they continue to think that they shall win at all cost or else. That this will enhance their well being.

Yet, after you changed your mindset and thinking, the game has now become “Infinite”.

"To stay in the game and to operate longer than others in our so uncertain times, requires you to adapt, to innovate, to change, to always remain RESILIENT."

It does not require you to anxiously and continuously aspire to win. The conversation, the contest, the relationship. By the end of the day, the month, the quarter or the year.

It requires you to continue, to never quit and to think about performing at your best, again tomorrow. How many smiles, how many hugs, how many kind words.

Your new mindset is positive and peaceful, you observe, you listen and you continuously change to adapt to the infinite environment you are now operating in.

Whether your mission is “Winning” or “Operating the Longest” makes a difference in life...

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