26 September 2020

Cognitive Diversity: Humility in Decision Advantage...

 “Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.” George S. Patton
Creativity in our fast paced world is even more of an essential element, as we move to working in geographically dispersed locations across the globe.

No longer will you have your leader stopping by your office each day, or leaning over your work station, or across the table at “Peet’s Coffee” to show you how it’s done.

As a leader, you shall encourage the utilization of an individuals own way of solving the problem-set assigned or the persons own process they employ, to reach the expected outcomes.

How else will you discover their new found creative ways and the exploration of innovative and extraordinary solutions?

What if you are an individual working alone in the realm of collecting new found information, that will be applied in the future to prospective targets?

The research skills and knowledge you have learned, is not implemented like a specific manufacturing assembly line.

When you are assigned the role of applying your own cognitive functions in a landscape of continuous change, to arrive at a desired outcome, this requires “Instinct”.

A natural or inherent aptitude, impulse, or capacity to use your own creativity, skills and knowledge, to achieve your assigned outcomes.

As a leader, you shall excel in painting visual pictures, describing what results looks like, sounds like and what indicators will provide you the assurance, you have arrived at the desired outcomes.

How else will your students, your employees, your constituents, your customers know that victory is present?  That you have arrived at your intended destination.  Received the required compensation for your required deliverable.

How much “Cognitive Diversity” do you find in your team?

As a leader, you shall leverage all resources to combine skill sets and mind sets, to gain a “Decision Advantage”.

Think about your “Humility” as a leader.  How will your team describe you, when you are gone…

19 September 2020

Team 34-32: Amalfi Coast Imagined...

 UAL 550 departed LAX at 9:30AM.  As the B738 climbed to 9500 feet and made the turn East over the blue Pacific ocean, the eyes were moist.  What an extraordinary week.

How might we enjoy another week together like this one?  Full of dialogue, exploring and so curious, about the future.

How might we replicate the experience sharing information and our true heart felt emotions?

Our pledge shall be to replicate this more often now.  We have the resilience required to achieve greatness, positive outcomes and proof that we will “Go Far” together on this journey.

What have we learned?

The power of Trust shall not be under estimated.  When you realize that our decisions and questions are not being second guessed, you are well on your way.  That person next to you, or behind you, is looking to your leadership.

Once you realize that as a fellow Leader,  that your Trust Decisions are for the benefit of the team and not only yourself, you are well on your way.

How might you as a leader, assist or encourage a fellow team member on their current mission?

How might you as a team leader actively listen and ask relevant questions to better “Understand”, before you “Decide” and then “Act” with confidence?

Why have you gained Trust in your fellow members of our tribe?

“In calculating trust, each of us also makes mistakes. Sometimes you will fire your engines and make decisions without enough information, or with information that later proves itself to be untrustworthy. You may rely on someone to help you make your decisions or rely on their opinion, only to discover that person was not a good choice.

Through our mistakes, we refine how we calculate trust and update and revise our trust decision process, make new rules, and change what elements to take into account and how to measure them.” - - Jeffrey Ritter - Achieving Digital Trust

This was a valuable week of learning.  Use what we have learned, to be even more Resilient.  

The challenges ahead will not evaporate.  The behaviors will not always meet our predictions.  

Yet one item remains certain.

Our Team Trust is one…

05 September 2020

Perseverance: Achieving Your Destination...

Walking down this path for the first time, it was unfamiliar.  There was no way to know what obstacles and challenges were ahead.

Yet, in your head, the education, learning and training was coming quickly into your conscience endeavor, to achieve your destination.

Looking up, there were all the signs that the direction was correct.  All the indicators and intuition said the journey would just take longer than expected.
per· se· ver· ance | \ ˌpər-sə-ˈvir-ən(t)s
Definition of perseverance
: continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition : the action or condition or an instance of persevering : steadfastness
It was uncertain how or when the intended destination would be in the horizon, yet there was complete faith that whenever that arrival did occur, open arms would be witnessed.

Your future is bright.  You have so much to look forward to.  You must keep persevering.

One item is probably certain.  You will not ever forget your Instructor.  Your Teacher.  Your Wing man.  Your Buddy.  Your Brother or Sister.  Together you learned what your strengths are and how to survive until the next test of life.

So what is over that next hill?  Across the chasm after that?

There is only your Future.  Your Journey.  Thank you for allowing the time to listen.  To learn.  To really know you.