30 March 2023

Life Lessons: What Did You Learn?

Do you remember the first time you learned a real “Life Lesson”?

Maybe it was with a brother or sister. Maybe it is a best friend. Maybe it is a co-worker. Maybe it is a Mother or a Father. Maybe it is a Grand Parent? Maybe it is a doctor. Maybe it is a lawyer.

Your particular “Life Lessons” will most likely be a combination of events and of coaches along the journey.

How about the time you were picking up your sibling from a friends house at 9:00PM on a Sunday night? The “Blue” flashing lights from the police in the rear view mirror was unexpected, yet driving 42 MPH in a 25 MPH zone at 17 years old, resulted in a traffic ticket and drivers license 30 day suspension.

How about the time you were assigned a vital project at work with a date/time certain deadline and it was 3 hours late? Your supervisor/boss/commander asked you to come to their office and they shut the door. The tone of their voice was stern and it was a little bit loud, as they explained how your failure to submit your part of the project, delayed the customers shipment and they canceled the order.

Your particular “Life Lessons” will typically occur when your lack of experience or your apathetic mental attitude, puts you in a direct intersection with some new learning opportunity.

The question is, What did you Learn?

Follow the rules when driving an automotive vehicle. Turn in your work assignments early or on-time. Tell the truth. Save money. Pay your bills. Any of the Ten Commandments. Use an 18-multi-character password.

One life lesson you will certainly learn, is that making mistakes is inevitable. Understood. Making the same mistake over and over, is an unwillingness to comply with the defined rules or a real learning deficiency.

Which is it?

Life's analogies are prolific. Three strikes and you are out. Or where there is smoke there is fire.

Should you find yourself in a bad place or a difficult situation, where you are asking yourself “Again,” why am I here again, then perhaps you need to ask for some real help.

Whether your own journey is successful or is not successful is entirely up to you. It is now totally up to you as a person, citizen, student, colleague, or an employee whether you are truly capable of learning real lessons in life.

Now that you too have found the help and the coaching you need, Onward!

Live a wonderful life and always remember your own “Life Lessons”…

18 March 2023

Reliable: Who Do You Have Faith In?

When you think of the person you would recommend for a particular task or to perform defined professional services, who comes to mind?

There are many ways and words to describe a person or the business, yet if you had only one word to choose from, what would it be?

Reliable  adjective

1: suitable or fit to be relied on: DEPENDABLE

2: giving the same result on successive trials

Reliable noun

1: one that is reliable

In many cases, this is the word people really mean to use, as the basis for their recommendation.

Whether a business or a person is reliable, makes all the difference in your world, especially if you must rely on the outcomes of their service or duty.

When someone or something you pay for, does not meet a series of positive results, you begin to question your decision to utilize the service or receive the product for use.

Unfortunately for many people and businesses, this word “Reliable” is not considered or even measured on a consistent or measurable basis.

"Over the course of time in your life, think of one person or business you could say was truly reliable."

Think of this one person or business you have utilized for more than ten years that is reliable.

In any professional capacity, becoming reliable takes many years of practice and substantial learning. It requires the development of people, processes, systems and real innovation.

Now, think about someone or an entity (business, product, government agency) that you have lost faith in.

The people or businesses that you have stopped interaction with, have become “Unreliable” for your particular requirements or expectations of quality of service.

How would our world change for the better if there was more learning and focus on being “Reliable”?

How can you as a person or business become top of mind, when someone is asked “Who would you recommend” to: _________________?

You too, can become truly reliable…

05 March 2023

Navigator: Trusted Journey...

Looking out over the horizon, what visual geographic point will you navigate towards in order to achieve your mission objective?

Navigator noun
:one that navigates or is qualified to navigate

We looked at the map and wondered what obstacles we would encounter across the challenging journey ahead of us.

We were planning as a team of two, to travel to a place together that we had never been before.

As we looked across the table from each other, with our data and imagery on the laptop screen before us, we laughed.

Your mission together will also be epic. It may require hours and days or weeks of effective planning, yet the most vital tool, will be how you are communicating to your partner.

You both clearly know the objective and the destination. You know the deadline.

Now, how will you “Navigate” to reach that place, you have both dreamed about together?

Weeks later, this particular journey was over and we knew ahead of our launch, that the navigation and the communication was going to be unpredictable.

Perhaps most important. What did we learn together?

Whether it was navigate left or right, navigate up or down, navigate to these precise coordinates at this altitude or depth, there was one thing we truly learned.

You have to trust your navigator 100%.

Yes of course there will be continuous questions and answers along the journey. Timely and effective communication is vital.

The only way to build that “Trust Factor” to 100% is more time together in practice.

Discovering what failure looks, feels and sounds like.

Learning together, means that you are well on your way, to future achievements you could never have dreamed about.

Who is your single trusted “Navigator”...