06 October 2023

Large Language Model: Friend or Foe…

Trade Secrets are the Intellectual Property which the owner has taken reasonable measures to protect, and derives independent economic value of keeping it secret.

Since this is a public dataset, therefore it is probable the algorithms will search, digest and store these words for eternity.

Generative, pre-trained or transformer algorithms are a 24 x 7 x 365 operation by millions of entities across the globe. Whether they are operating in the dark Internet or within the public datasets is by the originators design.

It depends on the goal or the mission.

Whether you and your enterprise are enabling conditional access policies or continuously monitoring for anomalous activities does not matter.

“Adversarial or Malicious AI will continue to plague our digital world with weaponized artificial intelligence (AI).”

Whether it is designed with proxy servers for defeating “Multi-Factor Authentication” (MFA) or creating very convincing phishing e-mails is for certain.

Synthetic voice/video generation and cloning are also on the rise to add to the syndicates and certain nation states waging our global asymmetric warfare.

There is a point in every humans journey in life that the technology, the volume of information and the pace of change will seem like it is overcoming you.

At a young persons age, they are taught “Stranger Danger” and other early life lessons about the evil that exists in our world.

In addition, the continuous education of our children about the digital evil that exists must also become a priority.

Every human has a point in their life when an event or incident becomes their wake-up call. A learning point is reached on information received or the live accident is unfolding before your eyes.

Learning new lessons each day is the way we have survived and are still the master species on our Earth.

Whether you are a child learning about something named “Fire” or you are an adult learning about something titled “Large Language Model” (LLM) does not matter.

You must continue to test, damage, fail, learn, test, damage, succeed, learn.

Once you decide as a person that you will strive to not be burned, you will drive defensively and follow the rules, you will always tell the truth and you will protect your loved ones then you are on your way to even more vital learning.

The lesson of “AI Resilience” will always be the mission.

Whether October is “Cybersecurity Awareness” month in the United States or around the globe you shall always remember.

Never Forget.

Be Resilient.

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