27 June 2021

Velocity of Knowledge: An Experts Growth of Discernment…

Knowledge Engineering is no longer an “Over-The-Horizon” dialogue, in the corridors of our corporate headquarters. We have accelerated far beyond the many facets of expert systems since the beginning.

Certainly the volume and velocity of the data, has now provided us with the substantial National Security questions and opportunities, to provide even more effective “Predictive Intelligence”.

Building specific knowledge to solve new found problem-sets that answer the questions we deem to be timely and relevant, is our vital mandate. The path to true knowledge and the sound “Trust Decisions” required, is now our greatest challenge.

How might you learn faster? How will you Understand, Decide and Act with more clarity of validated purpose?

Replication of our own cognition by silicon-based thinkers or getting a prognosis on a specific set of digital data to determine a course of action, is our real ambition.

We have been automating labor and tasks associated with knowledge management for 3 or 4 decades.

So what?

Now is the time to capitalize on our inventions and our vast storage of timely data, to really make a difference in our daily lives.

Our business opportunities and the ability to consistently peer into the future, will provide us with the cognitive insights we have only imagined.

Yet are we at a point of new reflection? Have we reached the advanced stages of knowledge to finally act upon the moral and economic decisions of the ethos of our human actions.

What is True?

The questions asked in 2021 are far different than the questions asked in 1985. The human factors and environmental change of our world has produced new considerations.

When. Where. Who. Why.

New data to analyze and exponential volumes of real-time knowledge to consume, before ethical decisions will be made in minutes. Not hours or days.

Who is typing these words to make you think? Why does this topic of Knowledge Engineering fascinate the author?

What else have they ever written that will provide you deeper perception, on who they are and what is their discernment…

So much has been written already, and yet never completely read. Nor understood.

What if there was a way to gain new velocity of knowledge. Yes and, increased quality of insight. Of timing. Of location. Of motivation.

How would you use it to your “Decision Advantage” and to make our world a continuously better place…


13 June 2021

Fathers Day 2021: Who Will You Become…

As we approach the observance of Fathers Day in the U.S. on Sunday, June 20th, think about all of the “First Time New Fathers,” who now have their first Son or Daughter to care for, in a world of uncertain change.

The past 365 days of tremendous challenge, full of so much emotion and of anticipated joy.

If you have endured having your first child during a Global Pandemic and National Presidential election year, then you might be even more prepared for the next two decades and beyond.

Now that you have this new responsibility of being a Father, you are now on a journey together with your Wife and Son/Daughter, that will be so joyous and yet so full of new found opportunities.

Opportunities to assist your Wife, in ways you never imagined. Opportunities to teach your child new life skills, new valuable knowledge on being polite, respectful, helpful and the valuable experiences to learn for themselves.

To lead by example, may perhaps be one of the most visible ways a new Father can teach their child. Are you present?  Do you show your kindness and speak kindly in soothing tones about others?

Remember, that you are only going to have a decade long time window to establish the foundations on who you would aspire your child to become in life.

Then you will encounter your real first challenges with your new Son or Daughter. The day you see him or her replicating something they learned watching or listening to you.

The old “Do as I Say, Not as I Do” saying, will never truly resonate with your new child.

You have only a single opportunity to be their only Father. What model of a Father will you become?

Your future Fatherhood challenges will span across a spectrum of new life opportunities to make a difference.

Will they be the same as they were with your own Father? Or different.

When you have that moment on your Childs second birthday to sing, look at them and say to yourself, “I’ve only got about 15 years left”.

"Who your child will become is still unknown, yet you as a Father will have already set the course for their own destiny."

Will your child have the skills and the foundations in life to succeed on their own?

Will they have the “Mores” and “Folkways” that a young adult will need, in a universe of accelerating change.

Will your work as a model Father, in concert with your Wife and Childs Mother, provide us with another Daughter or Son that we shall all be proud of?

As a Father, you will have no other, more challenging role in life.

How well you succeed, is going to rely upon your ability to be like your own Father. Or perhaps, the opposite in certain ways.

Happy Fathers Day…