20 October 2023

Pulpit Rock: "The Right Stuff" and Beyond...

Walking up the path to Pulpit Rock soon after dawn in Colorado Springs just before the “Value of Space Summit” (VOSS) this week, was a time for thinking. It is a time for reflection and where our future human exploration shall take us.

The value of exploration and our innovative curiosity to learn more, is a human trait that will never leave us.

Before an ambitious set of people in the United States made the decision to travel to Earths single Moon, our human exploration was across oceans and mountains.

Imagine a quiet Michigan summer evening July 20th, 1969 sitting in front of a 21” Zenith color television with family watching Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin from Apollo 11 walk on the Moon. It was truly epic.

After 24 brave and talented people from our nation have traveled to the Moon, our last mission was in 1972.


Astronaut Eugene Cernan and Astronaut Harrison Schmitt (88), spent 3 days 3 hours on the Moons surface between December 11-14 1972. This Apollo 17 will not be the last manned journey to our Moon.

After a team of dedicated people find their own “Just Cause” and purpose, there is nothing that will stand in their way to achieve it.

After 51 years, we have been taking many steps to perpetuate our journey. 

Humans have been back and forth from our Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Space Station and we have sent the James Webb and other telescopes to explore other stars and planets light years away.

The “Just Cause” of space exploration is still ahead of us and the race is on.

Our human journey to places outside (LEO) will encounter new challenges, new discoveries and even create greater learning.

Before a most favorite movie “The Right Stuff” was released in 1983, all we had were slight views into our “Just Cause”.

Once you see this movie, then you too might understand the mission ahead from a different perspective. At least you will have greater context on our “Why”…


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