21 January 2023

Future Risk: Life Endeavors…

Remember that point in your life around 16 or 17 in high school when you had that question and talk with your parents, or even a school counselor?

What are your plans for going to college after you graduate they would ask?

How did you answer that question?

Like many, you had no idea.  Remember taking the SAT or the ACT and all the pressure on you to do well on this scholastic test?

Then the point came along when the results were in, and you and your parents started making decisions on “Where” you would go to college.

Perhaps you took a weekend together to go visit some town to tour a university campus.  The journey together was enlightening.

You then began to really understand from your parents what was possible.  What they wanted.

Well, what did you want?

The goal was to be far enough away from the parents, so they could not just drop by to say hi or for a quick surprise visit.

Did you ever hear, you are going to have to work and pay for your own college?

Thinking back to that time, maybe you had only one choice.

Yet now that you are a college graduate in your thirties and beyond, maybe you too have reflected on your own choices then.

Are you working every day now to pay the bills and to save up for your next major vacation or putting away savings for your next investment?

So what?

Are you planning your next life accomplishment that will make a difference for you and those you care so much about, or in a decade from now?

Thinking back, there was never a clear warning on global impact events such as 9/11 and War, the 2007-2008 financial crisis or a recent health pandemic or drought.

"Whether you have now survived the “War on Terror” or the greatest economic and job loss crisis since the “Great Depression” of 1929 or some natural environmental disaster does not truly matter."

Maybe a routine medical procedure recommended to relieve pain or to fix and old injury.  

Maybe it is just a 20 minute car drive to school or work.

What you need to really realize now, is that your own personal “Operational Risks” are with you every second of every minute of every hour of your life.

How you as an individual manage risks and become more resilient each day, to the inevitable future challenges, events and people you will encounter in your life, is your decision and in your complete control.

Some individuals will know this better than others.  Based upon the answers they heard from their high school counselors and also a parent growing up.

These are the same adults in your life, who have also endured and sacrificed so much, to make the world a better place for you.


15 January 2023

Emergence: Mission of Mutual Purpose…

Gazing across San Diego Bay to Coronado Island once again, the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) was in port in the distance.

When you think about people focused on TEAM WORK and delivering significant outcomes in an “Infinite Game” what comes to your mind?

Whether you are thousands of dedicated crew members or 90 US Naval Aviators operating a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier with 2 A4W nuclear reactors on board does not matter.

Maybe it is 2000 prominent “Independent Contractors” across the bay working together on a “Just Cause” to serve like-minded others. Yet one factor must be continuously present.

"A clear and trusted purpose that guides your actions each day. A purposeful mission that gives you confidence that all of the time and dedication is from the heart."

If you witness thousands of people in the spirit of collaboration building new relationships and working side-by-side continuously towards a future vision it is epic.

Extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope, is truly worth witnessing and feeling the experience.

You know when you have found your place in life. You feel the need to trust your leadership and their guidance into the future.

So what?

Those who have found their tribe, their peer group, those who you would sacrifice with and do anything to support the mission are ever so valuable.

As we head into 2023 and these next few years past a world pandemic, you can only wonder what our next challenges in our lives will be.

Your purpose on our Earth is already decided. Think about how you arrived where you are today.

As you make choices in your life to say “Yes or to say “No,” these decisions have made all the difference.

You will say both to navigate through your life yet your course of knowing what is right and what is wrong, who you trust and who you don’t and how your life unfolds is yet to be finally determined.

Your “Peace of Mind” and “Faith of Spirit” will come when you too finally believe, that the course set by your navigator and your true destiny is already written.

Fly with confidence my fellow team mate, as you are forever loved…

08 January 2023

Innovation: In Search of "New"​...

Some of our worlds greatest leaders, scientists, researchers, programmers, instructors, journalists, quiet professionals and entrepreneurs recognize innovation when they see it, hear it and they experience “New”.

They are searching for it. “New” is worth more time to explore its possibilities and the potential change before us. Will you become more curious in search of “New”?

In 2023, people across our world will encounter “New” with more enthusiasm, curiosity and will recognize that anything is possible.

The optimism and the business opportunity is before all of us. To explore more often. To ask more open ended questions. To build new relationships in places and with others, you never truly anticipated in your past.

Simultaneously, the business models of the past are still so relevant. Do not forget the value and the need to build a singular relationship through focused dialogue.

The innovations of 2023 will come to us, through more effective time Face-to-Face.

Yes, one-to-one, whether in-person or even over your favorite digital audio/visual tool does not matter.

A devoted time to build relationships 1-to-1 with others, will create “New”:

  • New Discovery.
  • New Understanding.
  • New Empathy.
  • New Insights.

How might you spend more time this year in true dialogue, with other people you could learn from? For your learning and new perception.

How might your deliberate use of open questions allow for your new discovery? For your new inspiration.

How might you listen to others in a way that allows you to learn more? For your new ambitions.

You see, you are now a future “Innovation Navigator”.

You might not realize this yet in your life, however time will tell us the truth.

Others you will meet in person. Others you will have dialogue with soon enough in your future, will make all the difference to you.

Your work reading and questioning and your time devoted to “New,” will make all the difference in your modern life, and in joy with others.

For you and for all mankind…Onward!