31 December 2022

Twenty 23: For All Mankind…

Remember where you were 365 days ago.

2023 is now at our global doorstep. What journey will you embark on this next year to grow your skills and your knowledge?

How might you as an experiential learning enthusiast, leverage what you know to help others on your team, and in your community?

Your mission has always been to improve, to perfect and to deliver results. In 2023, what if you began looking through a different innovation lens?

Look around. What does your personal environment of your own dwelling say about you? Is there any room for change or improvement?

How would you rate your realm of relationships with family, friends and relatives this New Years Eve? Think about it…

Now transition to your community and assess whether you are in the right neighborhood, the correct city and even in the best state in the USA for your profession, and the work you are now inspired to perform.

"2023 will become a pivotal year for you in so many ways."

Our global future is bright and your next focus will be all about your contributions to a greater good in this world.

  • With over 9 billion web-enabled personal digital devices in global circulation, how we learn from the Internet and new quantum Information Technology will continue to amaze all of us.
  • Our Earth is sending us signals on regular intervals that our natural disasters are truly accelerating.
  • Will mass global population growth continuously change our supply chains for food, mining of rare earth elements and sharing our scarce fresh water?

"Look up in the early evening clear blue sky as the sun sets. See all those shining stars beyond our Moon."
“For All Mankind”
have a more meaningful 2023.

18 December 2022

Christmas: Peace I Leave With You...

Who will you follow in your life? Why will you become a leader? What will you do to help others in need?

Our worlds most precious and religious days of the year are just in front of us. Perhaps you too shall be lighting candles. Singing together. Feasting together.

Yet all that you believe, comes from somewhere or someone. Who shall it be?

The words you hear or read of our global history is the foundation for your thinking.

When you wonder about your life and where you have traveled so far, do you wonder what the future for you will be like?

That depends.

Follow those you believe in. Listen to those you trust. Yet always find yourself asking a question.


Discover for yourself and realize now, that your journey will be a long one. Full of Challenges and of Joy. Of Pain and of Love. Of Sins and Forgiveness.

Someday, you will witness all the answers you have been seeking…

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27

10 December 2022

Perseverance: Navigating to Your Life Destination...

Remember that place you used to live. Remember that place you used to travel to each August in the United States.

Tears welled up in the eyes each year as the car pulled out of the driveway of our home in a small Midwest town.

Feeling happy and headed West, back to our college town at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. 1170 miles and 17 hours away.

We would drive straight through taking our rest stops and meals along the way of I-80 and I-70.

Our goal was always to arrive there late afternoon on a Saturday, so we could witness the grandeur as we pulled off to the "Overlook" and gazed down on Boulder.

The tears would come back again, anticipating another wonderful 9 months of study, mountain adventures and the pursuit of growing relationships.

Who will you become?

The journey shall be full of challenges and yet so rewarding, especially when you realize how to solve real problem-sets both personal and in your career ambitions.

Someday, you will look back on all those years of hardship, disappointments and personal challenges and know that it was all part of a life long learning experience.

per· se· ver· ance ˌpər-sə-ˈvir-ən(t)s 
: continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition : the action or condition or an instance of persevering : STEADFASTNESS

Keep this word in your mind as you travel forward in your life.

Now you realize, that it all makes sense. You have now arrived at a destination with tremendous joy and experiences of love you never imagined were possible.

Faith is so vital in your journey here. Keep it in your thoughts always. It will make a true difference.

Arriving at a destination that you have navigated to with so much perseverance is ever more rewarding, in mind and spirit.

Can you see it?

Heading towards any highly anticipated place, revives our fortitude and our thankfulness. For all of those who have assisted us along the journey: 

Parents. Siblings. Neighbors. TeamMates. Friends. Teachers. Professors. Counselors. Spouses. Kids. Managers. Entrepreneurs. Partners. Mentors. Peers.

Persevere. Onward!

04 December 2022

TrustDecisions: Quality of Innovation...

When you approach a new problem-set in your start-up or emerging business there are several methods for your teams approach to solving it.

The methodology that you and your team use to solve your particular problem, will make all the difference in how fast the business grows and accelerates towards ultimate success.

Our team continues to utilize a SPRINT-based approach and a lean launchpad mindset to find the correct solutions to deliver with quality.

Over the course of many years of growth, the patience and the focus on staying true to the system, to the proven steps in the sequence has always provided results.

In so many cases, the results are not what we could have imagined at the beginning of our journey.

The original hypothesis we thought was going to lead us to a successful outcome turned 90 or 180 degrees.

The answers to our problem-set changed as we interviewed more people, dozens of others in the same industry with a similar set of issues in the past.

The story continues as we designed the new prototype solution. It would change after several more iterations navigating us towards true innovation.

“Innovation Navigators” don’t give up easily. We test, we try and we make changes. The pursuit of information assurance is vital.

The quality of the solution that is designed and tested to solve the problem is a direct result of the number of times you test and the information captured for analysis.

How might you hold off the business needs just a little more longer, to truly improve the quality of your deliverable?

The speed of business in many cases calls for new designs and solutions to be delivered long before the “Quality Assurance” process is fully complete.

We have witnessed too many times a solution implemented long before it was ready for production, for the playing field or for the customers roll out.

When was the last time you encountered someone who states: “Our servers have been overwhelmed by the response to our new “X” and we apologize for any delays.”

You see, problem-sets will be encountered on a more frequent basis and will take much longer to solve if “Quality Assurance” testing is not completed or compromised.

How trustworthy will you become with your clients or customers?

Consider these principles from “Achieving Digital Trust” by Jeffrey Ritter on page 35 and 36:

  • Every transaction creating wealth first requires an affirmative decision to trust. 
  • Building trust creates new wealth. Sustaining trust creates recurring wealth. 
  • Achieving trust superior to your competition achieves market dominance. 
  • Leadership rises (or falls) based on trust (or the absence of trust).

“Innovation Navigators” in 2023 and beyond shall study each one of these principles in their own organization.

They will utilize a proven methodology, that is centered on the science of “TrustDecisions”…