16 July 2022

Exceptional: Accelerating to Wisdom…

 Why will you use your ability to discern a course of action that is wise and insightful?

You were born with it and even at the earliest stages of your life, it was soon known that you were exceptional. Rare. Superior.

Over the course of your lifetime, you have possessed the ability to see what others can not. You have the abilities to recall and decide faster with extraordinary accuracy.

How might you utilize your God given talents and the DNA you were born with, to make a real difference here?

Your IQ and your particular part of the spectrum, is an asset that you shall utilize your entire life, in order to benefit others.

The problem-sets you discover in front of your organization, your agency, your business, and your family, are counting on your continuous wisdom.

Even with these abilities and your peer group superiority, you still remain unknown. 


Learning more than you already know and applying your deep experience, is still your passion.

What did you read this day, or this week that made you even more curious? 

Who wrote the words that sparked your insightful questions and increased your own appetite for finding out more? Yourself?

"Now you will analyze, you shall create the models and use the tools, to better Understand, Decide and Act."

The vast amount of data and the velocity of the technological innovations before us, will remain our greatest challenge. Our greatest opportunity.

How might you act, to make a difference for the benefit of those you really care about in life?

It begins with your own wisdom. Your own particular talents and your abilities, that will continue to remain exceptional.

Now get out there and make a real difference…

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