10 July 2022

Trust Decisions 1-to-1: Yes or No…

What is your mindset as you walk down a cognitive path to Explore, to Observe, and to Listen?

How might you learn even more about your own neighborhood, your current work organization or the team you perform with on a regular basis?

Your journey shall be, to take the scheduled time to learn more about all those people, places and behaviors, that will make a significant difference in your life.

What if you planned a venture of Learning this next month or next year?  Where would you go, who would you schedule time to talk or walk with and how will you capture all that you will certainly learn?

This particular path will be far more uncertain and the distance so unpredictable, that a choice is now before you.

The decision is to trust your intuition and to realize that a decision to say “Yes”, or a decision to say “No”, could change your life forever.

In our 2022 world of continuous distractions, overload of asymmetric information warfare and continuous dramatic behavior by our own human race, it is even more of a true life adventure.

Your particular “Trust Decisions” ahead, will certainly determine your course and help you navigate towards a life fulfilled with accomplishment and joy, or degrees of failure and pain.

The choice is your own and your journey venture ahead has so many unknown destinations.

How might learning more about just one person you work with on your team, change your mutual goals or outcomes?

How might learning more about the geography of your county, state or country, change your decision about where to live and work?

How might learning more about the thoughts or opinions of those you care about, change your behavior or the future plans for your life?

Think more about your future plan for Exploration, Observation and Listening.

Do you need to learn even more than you are today?  One-to-One.

You see, you have been living and operating in a “One-to-Many” world for so long, that you have forgotten how valuable it truly is, to learn even more, just 1-to-1.

What new TrustDecisions will you make this day, or this year of 2022?

Will you decide “Yes” or will you decide “No”?  Either one will make a real difference…


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