25 November 2023

Thanksgiving 2023: Anticipate, Listen, Act…

After an airline travel day home after the Thanksgiving Holiday with family, you too may be feeling exhausted.

Yet how will you grow from all that you have learned this past week?

Leadership traits are found across our companies, our agencies, our government and also within our respective families.

In the spirit of the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving this past few days, some may have experienced tragedy and others pure joy.

In reality, “Being a true leader requires the continuous ability to Anticipate, to Listen and to Act in any situation.”

Whether there was missed flights, extraordinary traffic, or relatives with unique personalities at the dinner table, your goal shall always be consistent.

Leadership requires your ability to show bravery in the face of tremendous challenges.

Leadership requires your empathy and simultaneously your own trusted actions to show confidence and to build trust with others.

By the time 5th grade was a reality, memories of our long dining table set for another Thanksgiving day meal in a small midwestern town, was always impressive.

Sitting down with our small family and with "Grand Father Keith" and "Grand Mother Mary" at each end of the table, Keith would always start our meal with a short prayer of thankfulness.

For someone who had survived World War combat in Europe, attended U of M and then started a Midwest U.S. family business and now decades later had 4 Grand Kids, our Grand Father had much to be thankful for in his life.

Yet it was his trusted presence, the words he chose from Bible scriptures and his leadership of our family, that shall aways be remembered.

Who will you rely upon in your family, your organization, your neighborhood or your government to be your Senior Leader?

The lone individual with the life experience to guide you. The consistent leadership traits to make you feel safe, secure and cared for in your particular small team.

Leadership begins across our United States and is displayed at home, around a family Thanksgiving table.

Leadership is continuously demonstrating the actions that others will trust and follow into the future.

At home, in the workplace, on the field or across the Video Teleconference (VTC), we all shall have the opportunity to be Senior Leaders.

Are you alert, are you ready and will you show the real leadership to Anticipate, Listen and Act into the future…

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