17 November 2023

Entrepreneur Innovation: An Infinite Game...

Our Teams were all selected by their Senior Leader for the Fall Cohort. Each Team of Two Experts were admitted from Sacramento, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Pittsburgh and Manchester, NH.

Our proven Cohort Learning Objectives were outlined in the Syllabus. Lean Methodologies. SPRINT Process. Mission Model. Problem-set. Prototype Deliverables. True Innovation.

The time frame was the month of October 2023.

As any “Instructional Facilitator” across a spectrum of training based forums may tell you, people must be challenged.

They must be tested. Yet the process journey shall build continuous “Trust” in each other.

Whether it shall be students in a Spring Quarter at Stanford in the Engineering Department or Experts from private-sector industry from across the United States, the methodologies and process is the same.

What is most remarkable to witness over the course of the learning and the utilization of a proven process, are the final outcomes. Some people will excel and others will fail.

Human Factors are at play, whenever challenging and cognitive focused skill-based learning is in action. As a few examples, ask any instructor at BUD/S. Ask any host of the college legal debate. Ask any SCRUM Master.

Some of it is just plain DNA. Some of it is just a willingness to succeed. Yet most of it has all to do with perception of the relevance of the tasks and the delivered outcomes for each person individually.

Once you have confidence in the learning process and the methodologies for implementation of the science, then our own human behavior becomes the real unknowns.

So what?

The outcomes of success will depend on the ability for two people as a “Team” to coordinate, to collaborate and to deliver continuous innovative solutions.

These innovative solutions shall have application to a specific problem-set within a geographical or extraterrestrial area. They shall be applicable to a series of our most important and critical values.

What kind of values? “On-time All-the-time.” “Zero defects.” Pick the value of what will be measured according to the desired outcome of the solution-set.

If the prototype solution delivered is not meeting the desired value required, then the Team must adapt. The Team shall pivot. The Team shall innovate.


How will your “Teams” learn this month? This Semester. This Quarter. This fiscal Annual Year.

What is your particular mission? What is your destination?

Only 2 out of 10 shall meet and exceed your expectations. Those are the “Two” you must invest your time and valuable resources in to reach your vision.

These “Two”, will become your most valued Leaders, Explorers, Innovators and your next Instructional Facilitators.

Remember, this is an “Infinite Game” that shall never have just winners and losers.

Those who are able to stay in the game shall find their mission objective achievement, week-by-week, month-by-month, decade-by-decade…

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