08 January 2023

Innovation: In Search of "New"​...

Some of our worlds greatest leaders, scientists, researchers, programmers, instructors, journalists, quiet professionals and entrepreneurs recognize innovation when they see it, hear it and they experience “New”.

They are searching for it. “New” is worth more time to explore its possibilities and the potential change before us. Will you become more curious in search of “New”?

In 2023, people across our world will encounter “New” with more enthusiasm, curiosity and will recognize that anything is possible.

The optimism and the business opportunity is before all of us. To explore more often. To ask more open ended questions. To build new relationships in places and with others, you never truly anticipated in your past.

Simultaneously, the business models of the past are still so relevant. Do not forget the value and the need to build a singular relationship through focused dialogue.

The innovations of 2023 will come to us, through more effective time Face-to-Face.

Yes, one-to-one, whether in-person or even over your favorite digital audio/visual tool does not matter.

A devoted time to build relationships 1-to-1 with others, will create “New”:

  • New Discovery.
  • New Understanding.
  • New Empathy.
  • New Insights.

How might you spend more time this year in true dialogue, with other people you could learn from? For your learning and new perception.

How might your deliberate use of open questions allow for your new discovery? For your new inspiration.

How might you listen to others in a way that allows you to learn more? For your new ambitions.

You see, you are now a future “Innovation Navigator”.

You might not realize this yet in your life, however time will tell us the truth.

Others you will meet in person. Others you will have dialogue with soon enough in your future, will make all the difference to you.

Your work reading and questioning and your time devoted to “New,” will make all the difference in your modern life, and in joy with others.

For you and for all mankind…Onward!

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