15 January 2023

Emergence: Mission of Mutual Purpose…

Gazing across San Diego Bay to Coronado Island once again, the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) was in port in the distance.

When you think about people focused on TEAM WORK and delivering significant outcomes in an “Infinite Game” what comes to your mind?

Whether you are thousands of dedicated crew members or 90 US Naval Aviators operating a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier with 2 A4W nuclear reactors on board does not matter.

Maybe it is 2000 prominent “Independent Contractors” across the bay working together on a “Just Cause” to serve like-minded others. Yet one factor must be continuously present.

"A clear and trusted purpose that guides your actions each day. A purposeful mission that gives you confidence that all of the time and dedication is from the heart."

If you witness thousands of people in the spirit of collaboration building new relationships and working side-by-side continuously towards a future vision it is epic.

Extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope, is truly worth witnessing and feeling the experience.

You know when you have found your place in life. You feel the need to trust your leadership and their guidance into the future.

So what?

Those who have found their tribe, their peer group, those who you would sacrifice with and do anything to support the mission are ever so valuable.

As we head into 2023 and these next few years past a world pandemic, you can only wonder what our next challenges in our lives will be.

Your purpose on our Earth is already decided. Think about how you arrived where you are today.

As you make choices in your life to say “Yes or to say “No,” these decisions have made all the difference.

You will say both to navigate through your life yet your course of knowing what is right and what is wrong, who you trust and who you don’t and how your life unfolds is yet to be finally determined.

Your “Peace of Mind” and “Faith of Spirit” will come when you too finally believe, that the course set by your navigator and your true destiny is already written.

Fly with confidence my fellow team mate, as you are forever loved…

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