09 October 2022

Mosaic: Launching New Solution Navigators…

There are countless people and organizations who are articulating the problems that exist in your agency, your business or your non-profit.

Some international entrepreneurs are assisting those who have not developed their own concept selection and development team with solving the identified and validated problems.

The challenge in most entities has been enough resources and the correct people dedicated to defining the problem-sets and then applying a proven methodology for creating a solution space with a mission to deliver potential prototypes for testing.

How fast does your organization move from “Problem Definitions” to “Deliverable Solutions” ?

Well that is going to depend on what business or industry you are competing in across your geographic area. Are you in a small business? A regional enterprise. The national leader in ordering stuff online made by someone else and then delivering it to your customers household doorsteps?

Or are you in a services institution that invents and delivers new process designs. New intellectual capital. New creative ideas. New real-time OSINT information.

Moving from a past historical era where “Problem-space to “Solution-space” may take years, now our 2022 world is witnessing this time line whittled down to days, hours or even seconds.

In our current digital environment, utilizing Quantum capabilities, the problem may be solved in a minute or a second or two.

If you are trying to launch the next space craft to the Moon or Mars or beyond, it could take longer.

Yet what does all of this focus on true innovation really mean to “John Q. Citizen”?

So what?

Do you remember the first time you used Mosaic? What about the Netscape Navigator?

If you do remember, then you have a substantial set of real context on the topic of and history of creative innovation. Solving real-problems.

You actually understand and witnessed the speed at which people are capable of creating “New”.

Defining problem-sets to creating new solution-sets was a daily process for all of those "Digital Navigators" with electronic keyboards and modems in the early 1990’s.

Utilizing our Earths new World Wide Web technologies and capabilities, provided so many with the ability to explore, experiment and test, then to deliver new product solutions for those who did not even know they had a problem yet.

For those so interested in the future of our world and so eager to be innovators in 2022, sometimes you just have to study the past for a lesson. Maybe even read up on Mosaic on Wikipedia.

This journey has been epic. Now get out there and “Do” what you have a passion for and that will make a difference on this rock!

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