31 October 2021

Presence: In Operational Risk Encounters...

“It is in the process of being worshipped that God communicates his presence to men.”

 --C. S. Lewis

What is on your mind this Sunday?

It is in the journey and the life of Clive Staples Lewis that many of us could identify with these days. Growing up and baptized in the Church of Ireland, he lost his faith in his adolescence.

As a close friend of J.R.R. Tolkien and fellow author, C.S. found his way back to Christianity in his mid thirties just as World War descended on England and Europe.

As you encounter the daily "Operational Risks" of our respective lives as they unfold before us each day, is there a presence? Will it be a phone call, an e-mail or text message or even a voice across the news channel that suddenly impacts us?

The information sent to you will change your mood, change your behavior and affects your soul. Yet how will you respond?

Quiet the voice in your conscious mind and seek His presence in us, for our real answers. 

Have you ever been introduced to someone who you met and spent some time with, that made you wonder why, you were so hopeful to spend more time with them? Why?

What was so different about their presence with you?

You see, what you feel and you are experiencing, is the journey towards hope and true belief.

When C.S. Lewis entered Oxford in 1917, it was only within months that he was commissioned into the British Army and was headed into the First World War.

Even through 2 World Wars, Lewis was an accomplished writer with 30 books and also worked 30 years with Magdalen College, Oxford. He died at the age of 64.

Now as we approach our “Thanksgiving” in the month of November and we are around our families and all the friends we cherish with our thoughts, come before His presence.

As Natalie Grant sings the lyrics in her song, at the “Sound of Your Great Name:"

“Every fear, has no place, at the sound of Your great name.”
“The enemy, he has to leave, at the sound of Your great name.”

Thanksgiving and this Christmas as days on the calendar, are far more, than a single annual holiday in America.

It is a continuous feeling, you shall experience, by encountering His presence…

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