01 September 2018

Trusted Leaders: This I Believe...

In 2018 our global challenges are in many ways, no different than years or centuries past.  Leadership across nation states and even now our private sector companies, that have revenues larger than some countries, are in conflict.

People across our world, now have the technological ability in the palm of their hands, to express their thoughts to millions, almost instantaneously.

During John McCain's celebration of life service today in Washington, D.C., there were many gathered to pay tribute to one of our countries greatest leaders.  Remembering his life and his military journey through a life of leadership, these words from his own "This I Believe Essay" and today's experience shall stay with us forever:
"Years later, I saw an example of honor in the most surprising of places. As a scared American prisoner of war in Vietnam, I was tied in torture ropes by my tormentors and left alone in an empty room to suffer through the night. Later in the evening, a guard I had never spoken to entered the room and silently loosened the ropes to relieve my suffering. Just before morning, that same guard came back and re-tightened the ropes before his less humanitarian comrades returned. He never said a word to me.
Some months later on a Christmas morning, as I stood alone in the prison courtyard, that same guard walked up to me and stood next to me for a few moments. Then with his sandal, the guard drew a cross in the dirt. We stood wordlessly there for a minute or two, venerating the cross, until the guard rubbed it out and walked away."
What do you believe in?  Is it possible that your ability to be a leader in life, has much to do with your own belief system?

Many leaders would say that their beacon in life, is burning bright and it is so obvious what direction to follow.  Others are lost, without a way to find the path to leadership, as their tools for navigation become broken or outdated.

The truth is, that John McCain never lost sight of what leadership is really all about.  He maintained his skills around how to navigate a path in life, that would always make a difference to others.  You see, a true leader never loses faith, or the continuous pursuit of what they really believe in.

You have met people in your life who you would call a leader.  Maybe they had some of the same traits and a belief system, that you could identify with.  Maybe the first time you met them in person, you walked away saying to yourself, "Wow__that is someone that I could follow or I wish we had more time to get to know each other."

Our world if full of potential leaders, who shall never find their entire ability to make a difference in life.  Why?

The debate might start with a discussion about a person's upbringing, where they were born or how their parent(s) nurtured them.  Yet science and research has studied this for decades if not more and it will be continued, for the foreseeable future.  Why one person becomes a leader and another does not, is an interesting dialogue to have with someone, you trust.

When you make a decision to trust, remarkable results are possible.  "TrustDecisions" are a purposeful act, to engage in the very rules you have adopted in your life.  To stand by those rights, wrongs and the spirit of your life beliefs, that have guided you during your trust decisions.  And more.

Leadership and John McCain are synonymous, alike in meaning or significance.  What if?

What if our children, now were asked to study the life of John McCain, as history has asked them to study others?  Our United States founding fathers or other leaders across the world, who are now in our history books.

Just as John McCain, your life journey begins with "This I Believe."  Your decisions to trust will follow from there.  Godspeed Senator McCain!

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