09 September 2018

9/11: Seventeen Years of Resilience...

Flying over the rolling mountains of Virginia, on the final approach to IAD for the 17th year ceremonies since September, 11 2001, there are so many thoughts and memories of that tragic day in U.S. history.

Being in the Washington, DC area on that morning, is forever etched in visions of chaos, uncertainty and fear. Yet remembering each 9/11 anniversary, is important on several fronts.

The process of analyzing that day and all that we have learned since then, assists us with the healing and the ability to become more resilient. It answers the question of "Why," for some of the reasons we continuously send our military training assistance to foreign nations.

Watching footage of the Twin Towers, Shanksville, PA or the Pentagon with rising smoke that morning, brings tears so easily, just as the memory of any trauma in your life will do. A smell, a picture, a sound. It makes you remember a point in your life, that brought tremendous emotions.

Are you as a person more resilient some 17 years later? Is your family? What about your business? What have you done to be even more ready, able and substantially more resilient since 9/11/2001?

So what?

If you are government DoD, IC, DHS or a First Responder, you are training all the time. It is almost a constant state of readiness, preparedness and Operational Risk Management (ORM). You are anticipating the next incident, the next attack or the next emergency. You understand. Thank you!

When was the last time you were certified in advanced first aide, how to use a tourniquet or a defibrillator? How have you been training to notify your employees of a major incident and what plan to execute? Do you even know about your local CERT and how it can save lives?

Whether on the home front, in a strange city or country, or back at your place of work, the focus on increasing resilience never ends.

Never Forget.  Be more Resilient...

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