11 November 2017

November 11: The One Percent Who Serve...

It is Veterans Day 2017 and all of those who understand what that means, are thinking about it.  Some out loud and for others, it is an internal battle of thoughts and emotions.

November 11 is a day that some families are sad about.  It is a day that so many other Americans think is just another day off.  Yet others think about that 1%, who now defend and serve our country.  Who are they and what are they truly feeling on Veterans Day?

If you really know anything about the life of a Veteran, you probably know that life inside the military changes you.  Just as working within any major organization for 2, 4+ or even an entire career, will impact your life in some way.

Spending that duration of time with others who served, whether inside the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines or Coast Guard will affect your way of thinking about our country and our "Flag of Stars and Stripes"waving at the top of a pole, or "Old Glory" only raised to half staff.  What does the sound of 21 seconds of "Reveille"  remind you of?   Does a particular place or time in your life come into view?

The "One Percent" (1%) and those family members who surround and support them, know what Veterans Day is really all about.  It is unique for everyone in some special way and across America, you see pockets of how it is celebrated and expressed in words on social media and even in full page advertising in the Washington Post.

Hopefully you are in good spirits and you have a smile on your face today, as you experience another November 11th!  Our country is strong and our Department of Defense is there to protect the freedoms our nation is founded upon.

You have contributed your time, hard work and devotion to so many, and we may never know your name or sacrifice.  Thank you to the "One Percent"...

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