01 October 2017

TrustDecisions: Beyond that Perfect Cup of Coffee...

You are out there helping and assisting a loved one or another person in need.  Your life has been a virtual maize of daily pathways and encounters, to where you are now.  Where, when and how will the next chapter unfold?

Our lives are a series of experiences, encounters, actions and reactions.  We each wake up each day with the unknown.  How will this day allow for creative thought, fulfilling dialogue, warm and loving feelings and maybe even just that perfect cup of coffee?

One thing is certain this new day of your life.  You have choices to make.  You are going to be challenged with new information to assess, analyze and then to make an informed decision.  The "Trust Decisions" that you process and act upon are human.

What about the TrustDecisions that are being executed by the millions of machine code and computers, that now permeate so much of our lives?  These devices to navigate you and your vehicles, silicon-based systems to calculate new found wealth or manufacture new goods or services.  The lines of program code in the software and at the heart of the hand-held machine you trust for communications, location or music, was designed and written by another human.

Or was it?

Prepare yourself for the next generation of TrustDecisions that are being executed by computers and machines, that were designed and written only by other very intelligent non-human systems.  Perhaps you will trust these inventions and the capabilities they provide, even more than you ever have in the past.  Artificial Intelligence is real.

It is the look on another persons face, the tone of your child's voice or the warm touch from your most precious loved one that really matters in life however.  Where will this day end up?  What will you do to make this day even better than yesterday in your life?

At some point you realize that you alone are responsible and capable of that next hour of joy or sorrow in your life.  You have the ability and the capacity to assist someone else in need, to contribute resources or knowledge that can change another humans course in life.

Somewhere along the way, you finally understood that you really are not in complete control.  From the day you were born, until today, October 1 2017, you have watched your life journey unfold before you.  How much of it has been all because you made the correct TrustDecisions?

The milestones of life are never guaranteed.  The perfect parents, the perfect friends, the perfect schools and teachers, the perfect spouse, the perfect kid(s), the perfect career, or even the perfect cup of coffee.

Yet today brings another life opportunity before you.  A new day to truly look around.  Think quickly about what your actions will be next.  To make a decision.  To act upon this with all your heart and mind.  Then to look to the sky and say a prayer.

You are well on your way to another purposeful day...

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