05 August 2023

Prediction: Another Year of Living Dangerously...

Will this be another year of living dangerously?

Security forces within your organization are busy at work, contemplating a combined strategy to address a continuing barrage of new potential threats. 

2023-2024 could very well be even more dangerous than this past year.

"Enterprise Security Risk Convergence is the "Operational Risk Management" wave of the future."

How these converged entities are forming and how they will arrive at a single focal point is based on what they both have in common. Information-based assets.

“Contingency Planners” shall be more beware. Savvy CIO's and CxO’s recognize that new threats and soaring costs are two factors driving the convergence or integration of traditional and information security functions in a growing number of global organizations.

Operational Risks span the continuum from the physical to the digital environment in our enterprise ecosystems.

Prepare your organization for the day when the efficiencies and the effectiveness of having redundant safety and security responsibilities becomes a new agenda topic at the next executive retreat.

Business desire for contingency professionals who can examine and assess the risks that organizations face as a whole, is one of the tipping points behind the convergence phenomenon.

In the end, the winners will be those contingency planners that realized that all the guards, gates, firewalls and intrusion prevention systems are nothing more than tools.

What they support is the successful implementation of a Risk Management System focused on intelligence information.

The single asset that security organizations have in common is the dynamically changing information in our contingency plans.

As the Operational Risks continue to surround our supply chains to corporate enterprises, it's imperative strategic planners look at where we are spending our money and deploying our resources.

What would happen to our preparedness, readiness and recovery capabilities if we just reallocated 5% of the corporate marketing budget to our protective intelligence and risk management budget?

If we did, then we might find ourselves with fewer calls to the Courthouse, State house or even to the (202) area code...

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