23 September 2005

Survive: A Strategy for Every Business...

Well over two years ago upon our founding, 1SecureAudit joined a global organization of people who really "Get it". Who understand and demonstrate the necessity and true philosophy of Business Crisis and Continuity Management. Is your U.S. institution a member? Do you have top executives who are contributing strategic resources and knowledge to the survival of your business? Ignoring the multitude of significant threats and business disruptions to your enterprise is nothing less than a lack of corporate strategy for long term survival.

Launched in 1989, Survive has since grown throughout the world to become the leading forum for expertise and information exchange among business continuity management practitioners and professionals, and all managers and directors with responsibility for ensuring the resilience and ultimate survival of their companies.

Originally focused largely on the back-up and recovery of IT and communications systems, Survive is now the only organisation of its kind in the world addressing the continuity needs of the entire organisation.

Our members are concerned about everything from protecting the company data and staff safety, to safeguarding the reputation and value of the whole enterprise.

The demands are growing on public and private sector organisations to prove they have processes in place to maintain continuous impressive performance 365 days a year, regardless of unusual internal or external circumstances. Such demands can be almost impossible to meet. But through understanding how organisations of different shapes and sizes tackle the difficult issues, members learn how to build resilience into their businesses and how to make business continuity a core part of the their company culture.

Business continuity management is about not making excuses. It's about being wise before the event. It is a state of mind that understands great organisations never moan they didn't do well because of the state of the economy, a fire at the warehouse, an internal fraud, or a strike by a group of key workers. Great organisations do well anyway.

As another Category 4 hurricane bears down on the U.S. for the second time in a month, we can only hope that the business community in Texas is ready. Gods speed to the people of Houston and beyond.

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