08 September 2005

Corporate Social Responsibility...

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is getting a real work out since our planet's latest natural catastrophe, Hurricane Katrina. Organizations and companies many of us have never heard of are contributing supplies, manpower and aid to the recovery of this key economic region of the U.S..

Social responsibility is a matter more companies are paying close attention to these days and the potential risk that a blind eye may have on the future performance of the institution. What is most interesting are the stories of corporate heroism coming out of the news reports that validates this thinking. And the reports of those organizations who have failed to answer the call to act in the best interest of their employees and customers.

The risk of failed processes and programs pertaining to social issues is a real threat to the faith people have in your company and your brand, even if they are not a customer today. Contingency planners understand the impact that adverse business disruptions can have on the performance of the company. Less known is the impact that a lack of social responsibility can have on the damage to the brand and reputation of the organization. Many will soon find out as the truth is told.

As the political lines are drawn in the sand, one can only wonder who the real heroes are going to be after this historical event is documented. The mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. The grand parents and the aunts and uncles. Those who weathered the storm or evacuated in time to keep their loved ones out of harms way. Hundreds of thousands of their stories will never make it to the six o'clock news.

Corporate Social Responsibility spans the spectrum from the local Wal-Mart, Marriott and Bank of America to the corner grocery and gas station. Yet the real winners are those who continue to utilize their own talents and resources to contribute in some meaningful way.

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