01 September 2005

Begin the Lessons Learned...Again

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, one can only wonder what will happen next. We are already questioning our abilities to respond. One thing is certain, this will not be the last hurricane of this season or the last crisis event facing the Homeland. In order to make sure that organizations and businesses are even more prepared for the near future and beyond, you must have the correct systems to support your worst case scenario and contingency plans.

EMAware is an emergency management system for agencies, jurisdictions and companies that need to control the flow of information before, during, and after emergencies. Using EMAware, organizations can manage inbound and outbound emergency messages and create workflow rules that automate the process of activating emergencies and notifying key staff and peer organizations.

EMAware allows you to:

* Automate maintenance of Emergency Action Plans
* Originate, receive and manage CAP and EDXL alerts
* Support staff training and testing
* Integrate siloed monitoring systems
* Manage geographically dispersed offices and mobile workforces

Total organizational awareness is critical in emergency situations. And behind the awful images of CNN live on location, are thousands of people and computers behind the scenes making the recovery even more effective. Our intelligence branches are using geo-spatial imaging to help coordinate search and rescue operations using satellite pictures. FEMA, the Red Cross and DHS are communicating over secure networks for voice, email and text messaging.

No country has the means to recover faster from a disaster of this magnitude than the United States of America. 9/11 is now in our thoughts again this week. Always remember.

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