12 November 2004

Global Assurance Office...

As the corporate risk management factions realize that they need to converge in their coordination, global assurance management will take hold.

Soon enough the global 500 will realize the requirement for a more consolidated, coordinated and cohesive entity within the organization for risk management, information security, business continuity, crisis management and emergency response.

The combined expertise in finance, compliance, legal, IT, internal audit, operations, security, human resources and purchasing will all be working together to create the organizations single global assurance office.

This will be the team and staff that manages an "All Hazards" approach to mitigating the threats to the organization. They will be responsible for the single task of making sure that the business is running no matter what event or incident may try and bring it down.

A few savvy organizations have already moved this direction and even those that thought they had a single responsible team are now adding new dimensions and capabilities to the team.

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