11 November 2004

1SecureAudit Prepares WTG Properties Tenants For All Hazards And Catastrophic Incidents

Risk mitigation training solution delivers greater confidence, lower costs, and increased peace of mind for this Washington, D.C. commercial real estate firm

For Immediate Release

MCLEAN, Va./EWORLDWIRE/Nov. 10, 2004 --- 1SecureAudit LLC, an emerging leader in operational risk management solutions, today announced a client success story for WTG Properties in Washington, D.C.

Many companies throughout the Washington, D.C. area are asking the same important question, especially since Sept. 11, Hurricane Isabel and the Northeast blackout. That is: How can businesses be better prepared in the case of serious hazards, incidents and emergencies?

The residents of WTG's N Street property were no exception. "My tenants were asking what we were doing to be better prepared in case of another attack," said John Lane, president of WTG Properties Inc. "Which was logical, given their proximity to the White House.

"But I wanted a proactive and preventative all-hazards program that would cover everything," continued Lane. "I wasn't just worried about terrorists, but also about serious incidents like floods, fires, and hurricanes. That's when I started my conversations with Peter Higgins of 1SecureAudit."

1SecureAudit is a risk management solutions firm that worked with Lane and the residents of the property to teach them how to better cope with emergency situations that may arise.

Higgins explained: "You've heard the term first responders. Well, the fire fighters, police and EMTs are actually the second responders. Employees and tenants are the first responders in a crisis, and they need to be competent, confident and as prepared as possible to handle the situation until the emergency personnel get there - whether it's minutes, hours or days."

Think all hazards. Think convergence of BCCM, ISMS and Corporate Governance. That equals total Global Assurance. The future is here now.

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