27 August 2004

The next very long war....Cyber Terror

"The Internet is the bold new frontier of crime, but we're the new sheriff in town. For cyber criminals who operate out of Los Angeles or any location around the globe, this posse will bring you to justice," said United States Attorney Debra Wang.

The Six Cyber Terrorists arrested by the US DOJ have set the stage for a long and evasive war. The hope is that the private sector will begin to share more information with the feds to get to the big fish, but this will take time, money and lot's of cooperation with our global partners. China, Korea(s) and the Russian states are the sources of many of our DoS attacks and while we know who they are it is difficult to navigate international laws and jurisdictions.

The good news is that the private sector is working more closely with InfraGard and the 12,000+ members who are helping to protect our critical infrastructures. Money is being allocated to specialized enforcement teams to assist the US Attorney's in doing their jobs more effectively.

It's just going to be a very long war that has to be fought every single day.

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