30 August 2004

Corporations can learn ORM from the US Navy

What is it that corporate management and the US Navy have in common? Corporations can learn ORM from the US Navy principles to earn top safety honors and contribute to mission success.

This is just one example of how the US miltary is using the effectiveness of Operational Risk Management to mitigate the risk of hazards on the job and to ensure the safety of fellow team mates on the job.

“It was evident the first time I came on board and saw the crew’s attention to detail and dedication to their work,” said Capt. Mike D. Budney, commanding officer, Emory S. Land. “But it’s remarkable to note that with the tremendous day-to-day operations, no serious safety mishaps occurred.”

“With a crew this size and the never-ending upkeep that takes place, safety is and will always be our number one priority,” Budney added. “Our Sailors know that and are living proof. I am extremely proud of them!”

While safety is paramount on every ship and submarine in the fleet, these submariners know that safety is not about winning awards, it’s about managing risk to avoid injuries and possible loss of life.

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