04 May 2004

Intrusion Prevention - TippingPoint - Three Pillars of Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion Prevention - TippingPoint - Three Pillars of Intrusion Prevention:

The UnityOne provides the most comprehensive intrusion prevention protection in the world, extending far beyond traditional IPS capabilities. TippingPoint defines three pillars of intrusion prevention:

1. Application Protection

2. Infrastructure Protection

3. Performance Protection

These pillars afford our customers the strongest and most complete protection against all forms of cyber attacks (including viruses, worms, DoS, and illegal access) as well as misuse and abuse of IT resources."

We don't make it a habit of advocating vendors or products except when we feel like there is a reason. The reason is that one of the brightest people we know has made a decision to work for Tippingpoint. He could work anywhere and has selected them. Former NSA. A real malicious code whiz. I would say these guys are worth looking into if you haven't already.

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