05 May 2004

2004 Real Estate Investment Trust Road Show

1SecureAudit 2004 Road Show Brochure

The threat of terrorist attack will continue to pose a major risk to the insurance and real estate industry for years to come.

The U.S. Terrorism Risk Model is changing, because the threats and tactics are changing. The model addresses attack modes at potential terrorist targets across America. It also includes the potential for multiple attacks simultaneously - an Al Qaeda trademark.

One industry segment is especially at risk, the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). As significant owners of commercial real estate, they own critical office, industrial and retail property. All soft targets in major metropolitan areas.

REIT's need to plan for every type of business disruption from blackouts and hardware and communication failures to human error, natural disasters and unexpected act of terrorism. During times of crisis, every second counts. Preventive strategies to mitigate your losses will play a key role in your success and business survival.

At the 2004 1SecureAudit Real Estate Investment Road Show, you will learn more about:

> Crisis Communications

> Terrorism Risk Management

> Critical Success Factors in Infrastructure Protection

> Emergency Preparedness

Is your organization ready for the next interruption to business operations?

Washington, DC - May 20
Manhattan, NY - June 17
Chicago, IL - July 15
Dallas, TX - September 23
Denver, CO - October 21
Los Angeles, CA - November 18
San Francisco, CA - December 16

What will you receive? Each company who attends will receive our latest White Paper on Terrorism Risk Management and Business Crisis Communications. You will also have the opportunity to network with other executives in your industry to exchange ideas, best practices and other valuable information on securing your enterprise.

800 321 0706 or 703 245 3020
You must register in advance, as space is limited!

Ask for me personally, Peter L. Higgins - Managing Director, 1SecureAudit

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