15 December 2023

Acknowledgement: Who or What & Why in Your Life...

Approaching the end of another challenging year in your particular life, there are many opportunities for acknowledgments.

The real question is, how many have you given in 2023? How many have you received?


1a: the act of acknowledging something or someone.

b: recognition or favorable notice of an act or achievement.

2: a thing done or given in recognition of something received.

As you think about it, who or what do you wish, that they would acknowledge you for your service or contribution?

If your efforts were for another person you know personally very well, that may have even more relevance.

  • Maybe it was a meal. Maybe it was a ride. Maybe it was a financial contribution.
  • Maybe it was a chore or effort around the house or a work project.
  • Maybe it was a prayer.

"Acknowledgement" is more valuable than you may ever know and realize in building and maintaining vital and valued relationships in your life.

Giving a sincere acknowledgement to someone or another entity for their service or the contribution, is vital only if you really care about maintaining and growing this relationship into the future. Or is it?

There are many reasons why you may continuously provide service or contribute something of value for someone or something else.

Are you being selfless or is it true reciprocity?

Is it between two people? Is it between two teams or businesses? Is it between two countries?

How are you personally acknowledging another? With words. With money. With deeds. With a written note. With a smile.

So what?

You see, your acknowledgement matters more than you may ever know or understand.

Is your particular relationship growing more valuable or is it just not reciprocal in nature?


This is a good time of the year to think more about who and how you will be acknowledging others in your life.

Walk outside or look out the window at the sun rising on the horizon in your neighborhood tomorrow morning.

What or who are you so grateful for and who will you acknowledge this coming year…

Thank you for reading this!

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