22 September 2023

Vantage Point: Never Stop Wondering...

If you grow up in America in a small town, it gives you a "Vantage Point". Especially, when that one day early in your life when you finally drive out of there.

So you are on to a new U.S. state, a new global time zone or traveling to a new place you have never been before.

In America, we like to drive a vehicle a thousand miles somewhere, across our country to observe. To learn. And to just explore.

Traveling from that small town in Michigan to a small college town at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, provided all kinds of new learning.

vantage point


Synonyms of vantage point

: a position or standpoint from which something is viewed or considered

especially : POINT OF VIEW

The minute upon arrival, you could not take your eyes off of the mountains and the glorious sun sets above them.

It wasn’t much longer until it was time to explore, to walk up with a pack on your back. 

To visit that small “Blue Lake” in September, was definitely a vantage point at 9,300+ feet looking up at Mt. Audubon and Paiute Peak in the Rocky Mountains.

Lying out there under the thousands of stars in the new L.L. Bean Goose Down sleeping bag for the first time was so epic.

"Thinking about the journey so far, it was almost certain the infinite game had started."

This was going to be a life full of adventures, with so many stories to tell from small towns to a college campus to some of the largest cities in the world.

Once you begin, it’s difficult to stop exploring. It just seems like you can’t get deep enough or high enough on this planet.

Whether you are almost a hundred feet deep in the South Pacific holding hands with your new spouse, or thousands of feet high in the Monashees snow skiing in light powder does not matter. You are at another Vantage Point.

While you are learning throughout your life, what else do you wonder about?

Whether you are falling asleep under the stars or to the sounds of sirens in a metropolitan city near the quiet ocean, say a prayer.

Give thanks for all you have been given and witnessed so far in your life. Guess what, there are so many more "Vantage Points" to come.


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