05 September 2023

Secure: Find it...

What are you and your team doing this week to create a “Secure” environment?

Your organization is counting on you for all that defines this adjective:



se· cure si-ˈkyu̇r  -ˈkyər

securer; securest

1a: free from danger

b: affording safety


a secure foundation

d: free from risk of loss

2a: easy in mind : CONFIDENT

b: assured in opinion or expectation : having no doubt

How are you creating and maintaining a continuously “Secure” workplace, church, school, home, transportation system, main street or entire country environment?

It’s not the role or responsibility of One person. One department. One agency. One camera.

"Leadership as a CEO, Principal, Parent, Mayor or President requires you to continuously pursue a more “Secure” environment that requires focus and a persistent innovation mindset."

Your family, your employees, your town and your own nation are watching you.

You may think you understand the problem-set. You might try to use one tool. You will learn that you must continuously adapt. Build prototypes. Test again.

Your creative ability to change on the fly, your capability to act faster than the threat will make all the difference in your counter-response.

What are you measuring this day, week or month to determine what and where you need to adapt?

It is not always what you will be able to hear, smell or see with the naked eye. This is why innovators designed detectors, radar, alarms, cameras and even binoculars.

Asymmetric threats to our environments are Invisible. Undetectable. Irregular. Disordered. Atypical.

So what?

All of us, into eternity will remain responsible for our “Secure” environment.

Whether it may be in your global neighborhood, on campus, at the Mall, in your software, undersea, aerial or to Mars, you too shall have a role.

Find it…

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