25 June 2023

Operational Risk: A Continuous Journey...

Back then, it was a quick and easy way for you to become your own publisher on the WWW, of what ever you wanted to write, show or discuss with others that maybe you had never known before.

It was the beginning of Fall of 2003 and a new Internet product set was gaining traction on the World Wide Web.

In those days, Google named it “Blogger” and to this day, you also may still create your own Blog.

It was a moment when you realize that maybe others might enjoy reading what you had to say about specific topics. Maybe not.

So this journey began with a focus on all things in the arena of “Operational Risk” and trying to manage those risks in your life that were not directly under the financial category. A vast jigsaw puzzle of continuous testing and verification.

The “Big Four” accounting firms and the largest Management Consulting firms such as McKinsey & Company were the leaders here on a global stage.

If you too have been one of those people that has a bunch of composition books in a box in your closet and are your journals of the day, you might have a sense of what the “Blogger” trend was all about in the early 2000s.

So this transition from just journaling to blogging at operationalrisk.blogspot.com was born 20+ years ago this September to capture the thoughts, ideas and comments on:

“Operational Risk is defined as the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed processes, people, and systems or from external events. The definition includes legal risk, which is the risk of loss resulting from failure to comply with laws as well as prudent ethical standards and contractual obligations. It also includes exposure to litigation from all aspects of an institutions activities.”

The composition books for writing the periodic thoughts, ideas, news and other global events from this writers perspective, was now headed online and there for all of us to read.

There was no longer a need for all those composition journaling books taking up space in a closet or the garage attic, in that little brick house near Reston in Northern Virginia.

So what?

Once you exceed the 1000+ entries over a span of a 20 year period, it gives you insightful context on your chosen subject area: Operational Risk Management.

Operational Risk in your business environment, in your own life is always going to be present. The question is, will you acknowledge it and do your best to try and manage it?

So whether you ever become a digital online “Blogger,” or you just continue to keep putting all of those hand written journals in a box under your desk does not really matter.

Who cares?

Until your particular learning, your continuous discovery, innovation, expression and your mindful thought could actually be a purpose you alone enjoy.

Whether you are writing about your latest recipes in the kitchen, or your side-gig business as a women’s clothing "Fashion Stylist" or documenting family adventures on vacation or even on the subjects of other human interests on space exploration, our Earth ecosystem and even future trips to Mars some day.

Your words and your story of passion on the topic or knowledge is the key. A persistent pursuit of being more knowledgeable and reliable. The person or subject matter expert that you want to continuously become into the future.

Perhaps most importantly, your words and facts may have helped someone else along their path. Someone learned something new. Someone you will never know, reduced their own "Operational Risks" or their company or their employees or even their own families.

So in closing this blog article today, just remember a few key items:

  1. Update your digital device in your hand to that latest iOS X.X version. Ha Ha.
  2. And while you are at it, train some more people at your school, office or work on “Insider Threat”, “Run, Hide, Fight”, “Business Continuity Management”, “Disaster Recovery”, or the emerging pandemic of digital “Ransomware”.

Learn how to use those life saving tools like the AED and the Tourniquet in that White box hanging on the wall in the hallway…and Never Forget!


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