26 June 2022

Innovation: Prescient Challenge...

As our sun sets on a glorious Sunday near the Pacific Ocean, the air is cool and still. How will you spend your valuable minutes tomorrow, to devote your talents and intellectual gifts to others?

The innovation journey you are on this next dawn of summer 2022 is about “Doing”. It will encompass your greatest gifts and certainly challenge your mental and physical weaknesses as a human.

If you have been thinking lately, how you will receive something, or get handed a gift or wondering who will tell you what to do next, this message is not for you.

How might you discover a single “Prescient Challenge” or hurdle, that your direct leadership is anticipating in your community or organization? How will you research all of the facets of this problem-set they perceive to be worth solving?

It begins with you “Doing” what so many others in your neighborhood, your community or your organization are not accomplishing on a regular schedule.

Asking the curious questions, with the correct people, who have direct knowledge or experience with your particular problem-set.

This journey is for people who are courageous, proactive and willing to donate the time and individual effort to make a real difference with others.

There have been many best selling books about “Givers” and “Takers” and even the quiz to determine which kind of person you are in life. Yet this is all about who you are in your own heart.

"Doing the right activities with the correct people to solve the problem without some tangible reward, is a true first step in your long journey ahead."

Before you learned the insight and the skills to become a “Doer” in your life, you were constantly worried about survival. What others were going to provide you?

Now that you have learned the new skills and knowledge to Map & Target, Sketch a Solution, Decide & Prototype, you are well on your way to new foresights of real innovation.

You see, your future as a leader in life begins with being a Volunteer. Donating your valuable time and the intellectual or physical initiative to make a difference on worthwhile solutions.

These are the "Solutions" that solves the real risk problem, essential at the moment, in order to flourish and in many cases to actually survive.

Your own “Resilience” as a person, a neighborhood, an organization in your community is the true outcome. Who will you become…

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