09 April 2022

Relate: Trust Decisions in Action...

On a cloudless afternoon overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Catalina Island seemed within an arms length in the distance yet at least 30+ miles away.

Dophins were swimming in the distance. A few people were exercising their dogs over the narrow trails. The temperature was almost 80 degrees and there was a kind breeze.

As we walked together on another short journey towards the cliffs along the shoreline, a real wave of happiness came over me. She was wearing her flip flops and I smiled...

Life is interesting and every stage of it has new learning, new challenges and new opportunites that we could not ever have imagined.

When you begin a dialogue with someone you have never met, or known for decades, verbally or written, how do you begin it? To enhance the potential relationship.

As a leader in your organization, who requires a team mate to take on a new set of initiatives or tasks, how do you approach them?

Human Factors are in play when ever you are building a brand new relationship or approaching a new acquaintance or referral to potentially take on a new project.

Building long-term and successful relationships personally and professionally over the course of a lifetime, is both "Art and Science". It takes years of training, learning and practice.

"When you think about building any new relationship personally or in your organization, think about the “Relate.”

What will be your approach? What words will you use to gain that persons attention and to start to build your own bridge of trustworthiness?

Whenever you want to begin a new relationship personally or professionally, take the time and build your effective strategy. You probably only have one smart chance. Maybe only seconds.

Designing and delivering the ideal “Relate” to another human being has to have relevance. It must be thoughtful and it is even slightly obvious that you have done your careful research.

The dialogue you enter into with another person has two opportunities:

  1. It has the ability to enhance trust and build the relationship.
  2. It has the ability to erode trust and decay the relationship.

If you spend enough time around someone who is a “Master,” you shall see and hear the art and the science of graceful dialogue.

It builds trustworthiness and it provides an enduring foundation for the long-term relationship.

Practice using a well thought out “Relate” and study its abilities to influence a new acquaintance, a new partner or a new stranger on the airplane or in your work ecosystem.

You just might change your life to use more valuable “Trust Decisions” and truly enable yourself with long-term relationships…

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