19 March 2022

Transparency of Actions: Building Organizational Trust…

Is paranoia and the secrecy of strategic actions by a senior management leader a major vulnerability in your organization?

The Operational Risks associated with your paranoid “Need-to-Know” culture, could lead to the failure of key management initiatives or even the latest offensive launched on your competition.

Whether you are a leader of the largest country in our world by area of land mass, or you are the Chief Executive Officer of a growing enterprise, your future success leading the organization truly lies in the hearts of people.

Have you recently launched a new policy or company strategy that has taken much of those on the front lines by surprise?

Are you invoking a new “Go-to-Market” strategy in the field without the majority of your Board of Directors to support your new ideas and actions?

The failures of People, Processes, Systems and the risks of certain External Events will eventually lead to your Operational demise. The destruction of a home for so many. It could take weeks, months or possibly years.

While your authoritative and brute force tactics from the Top begin to unfold, your employees and followers are losing faith in you. They are beginning their own plans to exit the organization and escape your toxic paranoid attitude.

Unfortunately, your own ego and the fog of your imagined legacy is ultimately what will lead to your organizations slow and painful failure.

"How might you change this and keep your upward trajectory in the marketplace and across the globe before it is too late?"

It begins with mending and growing relationships that you have ignored. Relationships that over the years have stood next to you and behind you waving your flag.

Time is running out. As a leader, the admission that you have taken the wrong course and made paranoid decisions without collaboration of other key leaders is a starting point.

You and your Board of Directors need to Understand, Decide and Act. Very soon.

How might a “Backwards-from-Perfect” approach in consultation and consensus with your strategic partners make a difference in the hours and days ahead?

The historic legacy you leave in Wikipedia and in all the hearts of the people in your particular tribe of followers, is now before you.

It is now time to become more transparent, generate a series of active “Trust Decisions” and to deliver the actions to save the heart and soul of all that they believe in…

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