27 June 2021

Velocity of Knowledge: An Experts Growth of Discernment…

Knowledge Engineering is no longer an “Over-The-Horizon” dialogue, in the corridors of our corporate headquarters. We have accelerated far beyond the many facets of expert systems since the beginning.

Certainly the volume and velocity of the data, has now provided us with the substantial National Security questions and opportunities, to provide even more effective “Predictive Intelligence”.

Building specific knowledge to solve new found problem-sets that answer the questions we deem to be timely and relevant, is our vital mandate. The path to true knowledge and the sound “Trust Decisions” required, is now our greatest challenge.

How might you learn faster? How will you Understand, Decide and Act with more clarity of validated purpose?

Replication of our own cognition by silicon-based thinkers or getting a prognosis on a specific set of digital data to determine a course of action, is our real ambition.

We have been automating labor and tasks associated with knowledge management for 3 or 4 decades.

So what?

Now is the time to capitalize on our inventions and our vast storage of timely data, to really make a difference in our daily lives.

Our business opportunities and the ability to consistently peer into the future, will provide us with the cognitive insights we have only imagined.

Yet are we at a point of new reflection? Have we reached the advanced stages of knowledge to finally act upon the moral and economic decisions of the ethos of our human actions.

What is True?

The questions asked in 2021 are far different than the questions asked in 1985. The human factors and environmental change of our world has produced new considerations.

When. Where. Who. Why.

New data to analyze and exponential volumes of real-time knowledge to consume, before ethical decisions will be made in minutes. Not hours or days.

Who is typing these words to make you think? Why does this topic of Knowledge Engineering fascinate the author?

What else have they ever written that will provide you deeper perception, on who they are and what is their discernment…

So much has been written already, and yet never completely read. Nor understood.

What if there was a way to gain new velocity of knowledge. Yes and, increased quality of insight. Of timing. Of location. Of motivation.

How would you use it to your “Decision Advantage” and to make our world a continuously better place…


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