08 May 2021

SPRINT: "Thought Doership"​...

What are you doing this week, this month or this quarter to make a difference with the people you care about?

How might you and your small team “Do” something to collect, analyze, synthesize and publish vital information that could save lives?

“Thought Doership” is what your organization is thirsty for and if you don’t do something soon, you may miss the window of opportunity or the chance of your own survival.

The adversary exists along a wide spectrum of severity and various degrees of likelihood. Is it human-powered, a silicon-powered “Bot”, a weather pattern, or even invisible Directed Energy.

Over the course of the next 4 weeks X 2 hours X 8 Highly-Trained and knowledgeable people, you will follow the methodology:

Definition of methodology

1 : a body of methods, rules, and postulates employed by a discipline : a particular procedure or set of procedures .

2 : the analysis of the principles or procedures of inquiry in a particular field

Once you have determined your rendezvous point and the cadence for your team to engage in “Thought Doership” you must utilize your design.

Your team will embark on your journey together as scheduled:

  • Week 1 – Map / Target
  • Week 2 – Sketch / Solution
  • Week 3 – Decide
  • Week 4 – Prototype

Now it is time to get into the geographic place you planned to operate, so your product/solution can truly experience the real world of your teams “Thought Doership”.

How might you and your small team learn and collect data, from the prototype you have designed, implemented and measured?

This will become part of the mosaic that you and your team are working towards, fighting for, and will soon be a key component of your designed purpose.

You might call yourself a thought leader, yet what are you doing to SPRINT…

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