09 May 2020

Mother's Day 2020: Are you a Daughter or Son?

Every year when "Mother's Day" approaches in May, our thoughts for her, are ever more present.

Mother's Day is just not another special holiday designed by a greeting card company or a florist.  It is also a day of reflection.  It is a day to say thank you.  It is a day of wonder, that is different for each one of us.

If and when you are having that baby and you are now a Mother for the first time, you understand.

You have experienced even more, what that truly means.  You begin to learn what it was really like for your own Mother to raise you, teach you, forgive you and love you.

Most likely, in the first few minutes after a baby is born, you as a Mother start to realize the miracle of life itself.  You may one minute be totally in love and then minutes later totally in fear.

When you think about your own Mother and your life so far, you realize that you are part of her.  You may have some of the same looks or color of eyes and you are so much more.

Think about it.  What is it about you, that makes you like your Mother, yet she didn't really teach you, it's just innate?

One thing is certain.  You alone have the ability to become who you really want to be.  No matter what or how your Mother taught you or treated you growing up.

Guess what.  If you are reading this now.  You are enough.  If you are a Son or a Daughter, your life is completely up to you.  Who you are becoming and who you will be in life, is enough.

One more thing to remember.  Your Mother's love for you, will always be there.  Even after she is gone.

Love you Mom...

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