22 February 2020

Analytical Decisions: Navigating to a Trusted Future...

"For those of us who are decision makers, these are huge problems. With growing velocity, we are losing our ability to trust digital information to be factual, accurate, reliable, and authentic. But we also are losing something far more important—trust in the quality of our own decisions and our confidence in those we trust to make good decisions"  Jeffrey Ritter-Achieving Digital Trust

Think about all the Trust Decisions that you made this morning.  This week.  This month.

Countless decisions to act upon your experience, your current information or the live scenario unfolding almost instantly in front of you.  "Trust Decisions".

Is this a discipline or process that you can truly learn and improve upon?  The question is, do you think it is important enough to learn more and to devote precious time to making this a priority in your life?
Where are you in your particular "Life Cycle" right now?  At the beginning, near the end or somewhere in between?  Yet it is never to early, to study and learn more about the science of Trust.

SpaceX is looking to raise around $250 million in new funding according to a new report from CNBC’s Michael Sheetz. The additional cash would bring SpaceX’s total valuation to around $36 billion, according to CNBC’s sources — an increase of more than $2.5 billion versus its most recently reported valuation.

The rocket launch company founded and run by Elon Musk is no stranger to raising large sums of money — it added $1.33 billion during 2019 (from three separate rounds). In total, the company has raised more than $3 billion in funding to date — but the scale of its ambitions provides a clear explanation of why the company has sought so much capital.
Building trust with a new person, new organization, new project, new government or new ecosystem requires a sound and thoughtful strategy.  A strategic approach to reaching your vision, completing the transaction and achieving your outcome.
Trust is the affirmative output of a disciplined, analytical decision process that measures and scores the suitability of the next actions taken by you, your team, your business, or your community. Page 49 - Achieving Digital Trust - Jeffrey Ritter
Godspeed on your particular TrustDecisions ahead.  Onward!

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