03 November 2019

Culture: Systems of Trust in Your Worldview...

Why are you spending your time on this?  Why does it mean this much to you?  Why do you continue to do it day after day?  Why is it so important to you?

Your particular purpose in life may be different than others.  The question is, are you bold enough to be transparent enough to tell the world who you are and what compels you on your daily mission?

The people who surround you and look up to you are waiting.  They are seeking your real purpose, your particular life mission.  The role of a leader, is to make sure that they truly know you and what your "Why" is every day.

When you begin to study the life journey of leaders at companies such as General Electric what do you think about?  Jack Welch created a noble company and a unique culture there to be certain.  So how do you compare it, with a company like Apple, Palantir, Costco or even SpaceX.

The founders or key leaders that shaped and built the culture there, forever shape the mission and the employees vision of the "Why."

How effective have you been as an "Operational Risk Management" practitioner in your life so far?  The ability to sense, process and mitigate operational risks in any system is a worthwhile purpose, personally and professionally.

Whether you are approaching a person, artificial intelligence, an organization or an agency with your new ideas, products or services, they all require several key elements as a system.  First and foremost, how do you build Trust?
"It is really very simple. In the foreseeable future, we will not function as a global society without the Net and the immense digital resources and information assets of our society. The addiction is established—commerce, government, education, and our neigh- bors offer no option other than to require that we rely upon digital information in making decisions. But we will not function success- fully if the war for control of those assets is lost. The battlefield, however, is the one on which trust is to be gained or lost—trust in the information we use, trust in the infrastructures that support us, and trust in the decisions we make in a digital world."  Jeffrey Ritter
In 2020 and beyond, what and who will you "Trust?"  How will you build systems that are trustworthy?  In your relationships, family, organization or agency, there are risks to sense, to process and to mitigate.

Why will you be more aware of the "Trust Decisions" you have to achieve today?  Your particular culture and livelihood depends on it...

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