29 September 2019

DEF2019: Far Beyond Innovation in U.S. National Security...

"The creativity and talent of the American warfighter is our greatest enduring strength, and one we do not take for granted."  --Summary of the 2018 National Defense Strategy

Walking away from the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum #DEF2019 Annual National Conference today in Washington, DC, produces so many simultaneous thoughts and emotions.  Being together with other colleagues and "Quiet Professionals" for an entire weekend in a small yet beautiful space, reminds us why we exist and where we are continuously navigating.

The people.  Organizations don't innovate.  Your people do the thinking and have the "Neurodiverstiy" to produce outcomes from their own TrustDecisions.  Most organizations think culture is a set of values, that you have spelled out as bullets on your web site, or the wall in your lobby.

A Decision to Act.  A Decision to Pause.  A Decision to Stop.  A Decision to Deliver.  They are all decisions, that are based upon your ability to process information and utilize your unique talents as a human being.

Culture is a management system, with passion for the mission.  Most organizations run on norms.  It's time to "Break the expletive Filter".
What kind of rebel are you?

Do you complain or do you create?

Are you "Me Focused" or are you "Mission Focused"?

What about the rules.  Do you break them or do you change them?

Do you "Alienate" or do you "Attract"?

Do you "Doubt" or do you "Believe"?

Are you "Energy Sapping" or "Energy Generating"?

Do you exemplify Anger or Passion?
From James "Hondo" Geurts - Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development & Acquistions- DEF2019 Presentation

Priority is a singular noun and your structure is your culture.  The truth is, the culture of your particular business enterprise, government agency, startup or team, is a direct manifestation of your own peoples creative spirit and their abilities to adapt and deliver outcomes, with a dynamic set of decisions in your environment.

Signing off now.  It is time to go "Deliver"...

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