04 November 2018

Wonder: The Mystery of Your Relationships Map...

"Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis for man's desire to understand" --Neil Armstrong
Think about it.  How could you use the inspiration of this remarkable man and apply it to your life?  Your family.  The people you work with and collaborate with on projects, to discover what is possible.

When was the last time you had the opportunity to say to your closest love one:  "I wonder..."

How might we frame the context of our next quest with a friend, a co-worker or just a sponsor of our project, with a sense of "Wonder."

When you think of the quote by Neil Armstrong, a test pilot, an explorer, an astronaut it makes some sense.  Yet what about the quote from a boy who grew up in Ohio, and moved to sixteen towns in the state over the course of 14 years.  A boy who learned to fly and earned his student flight certificate on his 16th birthday.  Little did he know, that someday he would be looking at the planet Earth from the surface of our Moon.

What do you wonder?  It is there, inside you and all you have to do is capture it and capitalize on it.

Take out a piece of paper.  Write your name in the middle of the page.  Write the names of your family around yours in a circle.  Maybe it's more like a star*.  Now write the names of people around the core of your family relationships, that you truly value and trust as friends, comrades and collaborators.

An now on this most outside band of people, write the names of those you admire or would most like to spend more time with, to wonder.  In a meeting, on a project or to pursue a long term mission with.

Ever wonder about your life right now?  Look at the piece of paper in front of you.  The spiral of relationships you have and are pursuing, will of course influence your destiny.  The ability to achieve your life long dreams.  Is it a mystery?

So what?

Trust this piece of paper as your daily game plan.  Your life compass.  It is your map to what is important today.  When you spend time elsewhere or with other people, it is a distraction.  A life limiting factor.  Your livelihood and the quality of your trusted relationships are that important.

What can you do or say to the people on your relationship map today, that will make a significant difference?


"On November 18, 2010, aged 80, Armstrong said in a speech during the Science & Technology Summit in The Hague, Netherlands, that he would offer his services as commander on a mission to Mars if he were asked.[246]"

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