01 April 2018

Leadership: The Life Journey of Discovering "X"...

There, can you hear it?  The sound of the helicopters in the distance.  Where is the sun this dawn lit morning, to join all the incredible sounds of nature?  The birds with their unique languages and the insects sending their clear signals of distress.

What will this new day bring before us, this Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018?  How will our leadership be challenged with new problem-sets and the speed of making the right trust decisions?  There is one certainty today, that is unrefutable, to prove wrong by argument or evidence.

As a recognized leader in your current role, how would you describe your particular style?  Do you lead by example or do you just sit back and wait for others to make it happen?  Maybe you do it all and never let anyone else learn from their mistakes and learn the feeling of success or failure.

It all begins with your up-bringing and where and how you were raised as a child.  The roots of your leadership in many ways, has been influenced by your early years, before you were even in your mid 20's.

Maybe somewhere along the path of your career, you were administered a psychological profile test.  You know, some form of questions or exercise instrument, to help you determine what particular "Quadrant" or dichotomies of cognitive learning style you are in, as it pertains to the psychologists descriptions:

Cognitive learning styles
Yet by the time you have reached the age where an employer, agency or other unit has a reason to peel back that facade you wear on a daily basis, you are already destined.  By DNA and by your parents.

Now the question is, who do you want to be and how are you going to train or re-train to be that kind of person?  That kind of leader.  To learn how to behave in a way, that truly makes a difference in other peoples lives.

The answers that you seek will be determined by your actions.  You have heard this before.  Who you are becoming and how you will judge your progress, is worth examining further.  What is your measuring device?  How do you feel at the end of the day, if you "Have" or "Have not" seen, heard or accomplished "X"?

What is "X" in your life?  Is it a signature on the bottom of a new contract?  Is it the smile on a loved ones face?  Is it a 3 mile run or ride?  Is it a "Thumbs Up" on your latest social media posting?  Perhaps it is simple as five hours of solid sleep.  Everyone has their own particular metrics by which they are judging their progress each day.  What is yours?

Metrics and your personal measuring device may determine who you are and what you are becoming.  Discovering and knowing that "X" in your life is perhaps more of an influence than you ever anticipated.  What the psychologists and the research has proven over the years, is that DNA and environment in your early years will be a major influence on your life.

Yet when you are ready to lead yourself or others in the small world you live in, think about what "X" has been for you this particular day.  Write it down and explain it to yourself each day.  Call it a journal, or a blog or just a composition notebook.  Without writing it out and explaining it to yourself you will have missed the opportunity.
The opportunity, is your own version of leadership:   To guide on a way especially by going in advance, to direct the operations, activity, or performance of, to guide someone or something along a way...
Now, listen carefully.  Do you hear the birds singing and see the sun rising... Happy Easter!

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