25 November 2017

Imagination: Limitless Exploration Ahead...

 “Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.”
--Dr. Mae Jemison
When was the last time you traveled outside your own country or beyond?  The discovery of new places, environments and the opportunity to experience other cultures is a key factor in gaining new context.  The learning and the observations of how other people behave and how things work in other countries, provides additional insights to your own social and economic factors.

What works in one organization, city, county or country may not be enough to make a difference in other places around the globe.  The limits, the parameters or the laws may work in one geographic location and simultaneously have little relevance or importance somewhere else.  This could be due to environmental factors, culturally historic issues or just simple critical infrastructure, either present or non-existent.

Who do you respect past or present, for their ability to imagine something new, something different, something better or something that has never been thought of before?  People with limited imaginations have not experienced what these thought leaders have seen, heard and felt both physically and emotionally around the world.

Over time, the transport vehicles included animals (horses, elephants, camels) boats, ships, balloons, automobiles, aircraft and spacecraft.  The intellectual vehicles we use to take us other places by people who have been there include books, newspapers, television, radio, movies and the Internet.

Think about the people you interact with each day.  How limited are their imaginations?  Have they traveled far and wide across the world?  Are they well read in the latest current events, world issues and global challenges?  What opportunities have they been given in their lives to witness our planet, witness what humans are really capable of doing?  What has all of this done to give them purpose in life?

Scientists, researchers, inventors, disciples, professors, explorers, warriors, teachers, environmentalists, humanitarians, journalists, artists, photographers, mountain climbers, scuba divers, sailors, pilots, drivers, captains, astronauts and many others, have been increasing their abilities of imagination.  Why?
"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you've imagined..."
--Henry David Thoreau
Did you ever wonder how someone you read about or see in life, got to where they are?  If you are asking yourself that same question, you must be wondering what ingredients they used, so that you could try and pursue the same path, or perhaps avoid it all together.  Is it curiosity?  Is it courage?  Is it resources?  Is it faith?  Is it environment?  Is it a mystery?

You see, the truth is, you still have the ability for limitless imagination.  Why haven't you explored it yet...

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