17 September 2017

DEF: Defense Entrepreneurs Forum Increases National Security Velocity...

There is a tremendous amount of buzz and focus on innovation these days, especially around the .gov and .mil ecosystems.  The Defense and Intelligence domains are in a race and competition for increased velocity in procurement, adoption of new or updated systems, talented people and the implementation of state-of-the-art Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solutions.

Every so often you come across some thought leaders like the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF), that know what true innovation means.  They get it.  The membership understands that innovation does not always = technology alone.  The process of innovation and the people who surround it will tell you, that many prototypes of new innovation do not always include semiconductors, transistors or gigahertz.

When you combine the nodes of an ecosystem of smart people, devoted to increasing velocity in the defense and intelligence communities, there will be inspiration, connection and empowerment.  Each one of these nodes is vital, yet they grow and sustain themselves independently.  Working together however, they will provide our national security institutions additional resources, insight and outside the agency expertise.

At the latest Annual Forum at University of Texas - Austin this past week, it was in full force in conjunction with "Clements Center for National Security".  Keynotes and talks from Adm. William McRaven (ret.), Ori Brafman, Col. Mark Berglund, Brigadier-General Hans Damen, Admiral Bobby Inman (ret.), Todd Stiefler, Warren Katz, Clare O'Neill, Lauren Fish, Kaly McKenna, Eric Burleson, Brendan Mullen, Steve Slick, Kristen Wheeler, Kristen Hajduk and others were just the top line.

The bottom line up front is that as a participant, you witnessed first hand, that people with outstanding ideas with a similar mission and the genuine enthusiasm for improving United States National Security is increasing velocity.  In greater numbers, momentum and thought leadership.  The Defense Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF) is now in it's 5th year and is a best kept secret no longer.

So what?  What is DEF’s goal?

"We believe that the complexity of national security necessitates Defense professionals with innovative solutions. We believe that great ideas do not depend on rank and that creative problem solving cannot be developed rapidly. Today’s junior and mid-grade Defense professionals will be the future military leadership of this country.
  • Inspire: By attracting diverse, passionate, and innovative individuals, DEF inspires individuals through a community of like-minded national security innovators.
  • Connect: In person and virtually, DEF is a network that connects innovative thinkers who seek to improve on the status quo and educates them on how to do this.
  • Empower: Through a variety of methods--from idea generation to senior-leader engagement--DEF empowers junior leaders to be change agents in national security."
The innovation mindset is only part of the equation.  You need people with the context, experience and ambition to make a real difference.  Those who are seeking new ideas, new talent and new methodologies for increasing velocity.  People who want to contribute time, resources and intellectual thought leadership.

As the wheels went up on the dawn of a new day over Austin, TX our plane headed North East.  The future is bright for U.S. National Security.  Trust is in the wind and the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum is accelerating...

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