01 April 2017

True North: A Decision to Trust...

When you awakened this morning did you immediately know your "True North"?  Are you heading in the direction of your passion in life?  How do you know when you are off course and need to correct your path before it is too late?

This metaphor for knowing and feeling whether you are on the right path for your passion, begins with a visual sign.  A star in the distance to keep you focused and on track.  A reminder.  You know the one I am talking about.  Maybe it's the magnet on your refrigerator.  Is it a person?  Is it a place?  Or just a 3M Post-It note, placed strategically at your desk, to keep you centered.

Your particular "True North" is what keeps you going every day.  At certain intervals however, course corrections are always necessary, yet you don't want to deviate too long away from your desired outcome.

Any Operational Risk "Professional" understands the true mission because somewhere along the path, they have encountered difficulties and significant hardships.  And they have adapted.  They have pivoted.  They have endured the negative emotions and counter productive environment, to survive another day.

Now, think about the most difficult time in your life and how you were able to navigate back to "True North".  How did you do it?  How were you able to stay on course?  This is how.  You made a series of "Trust Decisions".

You made a decision to trust someone, something or some direction to navigate towards your "True North".  Who is it?  What is it?  Where is it?  Perhaps more importantly, Why is it?

Whether you are heading in the right direction requires a perseverance and a belief.  It means that you will have many emotions as you travel forward in the hours, weeks, years and decades ahead.  You can expect that to be the case, no matter what happens.

As you navigate your path towards your "True North" you must reflect along the journey.  What have you learned?  Why is this important?  It is because of these lessons and the knowledge that you have learned, that will now make a difference and influence your next "Trust Decision".
  • A Decision to Trust incorporates data that comes from a network of sensors.  These points of data collection are important to the future of your survival.  They are where you must continue to improve, correct and test in order to be assured that they are operating effectively and as planned.
  • A Decision to Trust is a series of calculations, that involves the data you are collecting from sensors.  The calculations and formula is different for each node or mechanism, that you are utilizing to achieve the outcomes you seek.
  • A Decision to Trust becomes automated, once you have the highest assurances that you can rely on your sensors and believe in the calculations.
Once you have determined your course and are relying on your sensors to be accurate, discipline is the final quest.  What discipline do you follow?  This is where you may now have the greatest risk of failure.  The risk you deviate from your discipline.  You forget your "True North".

Your direction and your ability to reach your destination, will be ultimately determined by your discipline...

God speed!

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