23 October 2016

Intelligence-led Enterprise: CIU Success Factors...

Intelligence-led processes applied within the corporate global enterprise, continues its relevance for reasons being published in the popular press. "Operational Risk Management (ORM) Specialists" utilize these processes, to mitigate a growing spectrum of domestic and transnational threats:
Developing relevant intelligence to run daily business decisions in your institution may seem like an important task day to day. The question is, how embedded is the "Corporate Intelligence Unit" in developing the relevant intelligence your decision makers need every few minutes or hours to steer the organization away from significant losses? Is your internal web-enabled "Corporate Daily News" or "ABC Company Post" being updated in real-time by the employees in each department or business unit?
Do you have an organized, synchronized media and communications function working within your Corporate Intelligence Unit (CIU), to continuously post the correct content and manage the RSS feeds from each global business unit? Why not?
The "Information Operations" (IO) of your company are the lifeblood of how your employees will make relevant decisions on where to steer clear of significant risk.  Based upon what other business units are doing or what is going on in the external environment of your state, sector or geography, consider these scenarios:
If the internal RSS Feed for the IT department reported that there was a Distributed Denial of Service  (DDos) Attack going on at the moment, how might that impact the decision by the marketing department to delay the posting of the new product release information to the Twitter site? The synchronization of intelligence-led processes is lead by the head of the Corporate Intelligence Unit. The CIU is staffed with people who have a tremendous understanding of the corporate enterprise architecture and have the skills and talents to operate as effective operational risk management professionals.

If the internal RSS Feed for the Facilities Security department reported the presence of a "White Truck Van" with blacked-out windows trolling the perimeter of the corporate parking lot, how might this change the decision for the CEO to leave that minute for her scheduled trip to the airport? Skilled CIU staff within would quickly notify the CEO via the "Corporate 9-1-1 Alert" App embedded in every employees iPhone. Under cover corporate security personnel would then be immediately approaching the vehicle for a recon drive by.

If the internal RSS Feed reported the recent change in industry legislation that would change the way the Federal Trade Commission defined the elements regarding consumer privacy, how might this affect the latest strategy on how the institution was going to encrypt it's data in servers and on laptops? The CIU staff would advise the Chief Information Officer and other Information Security Risk staff to step up the roll-out for the latest version of PGP for the enterprise.
And the list goes on. The modern day intelligence-led Corporate Intelligence Unit (CIU), in concert with other highly specialized Operational Risk Management professionals in the enterprise can keep you safe, secure and keenly aware of new threats to your corporate assets. The degree to which you provide the right resources, funding and continuous testing/exercising of your capabilities will determine your likelihood for loss outcomes.

If your organization has been impacted by loss outcomes that continuously put your employees, stakeholders or assets at risk, then look hard and deep at your "Operational Risk" quotient, to determine if you are the best you can be...

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