01 November 2015

Trust Decisions: The Extinction of Risk Management...

Most people believe in some form of risk management and the truth is, that it doesn’t work all the time.  It doesn’t work because the human being is incapable of processing all of the possible rules of the moment, the game, in any specific scenario, fast enough.  Therefore, failures of people, processes, systems and external events seem to occur randomly.
Is it possible to achieve a state of zero surprise?  Where all risks are mitigated and humans can achieve an environment of trust that is sustainable.  We think it is.  In the right environment and in a specific scenario, surprise is now “impossible”.
“Trust Decisions” occur today at the speed of light and with an accuracy of 99.999%.  Risk Management is our current state and it is destined for extinction.  Trust Decisions as we will now apply them, becomes our future state.  With zero surprise.  The truth is, that risk management is obsolete and a new digital invention is ready for mankind.

Operational Risk Management (ORM) professionals can better understand the adversaries they Deter, Detect, Defend and Document each hour, of each day.  The metrics have created new thinking on what is required to increase the odds of achieving the specific mission.  That definition of each "Mission" is now the focus of so many, who are charged with the protection of our nations most critical assets.

You have been reading and hearing all about the Internet of Things (IoT) and the exponential math on the number of devices and the data storage requirements, that will be achieved by the year 2020.  The trust decisions that are being made now in nanoseconds from machine-to-machine, system-to-system, are based upon several levels of programmatic rules.  These rules are unknown to many and in some cases only known to a few.

The wealth being created on a daily basis relies on these "Trust Decisions" to execute and carry-out the rule-sets that we have bestowed upon them.  The question remains for the end user, the organization, the company, the government, the nation state.  What are the rules based exercise that encompasses understanding and knowing the rules, fueled by vast collections of unstructured information and then performing mathematical functions?  At light speed.

Here are the qualities of our future "Trust Decisions:"
  • Rules-based
  • Fueled by Information
  • Mathematical
 So what?  To ask this question at this point is imperative.  So what does this have to do with the future of the Internet?  How will this impact my way of life or my job?  Why is speed, a component of true innovation?

All of these questions and more are answered in the book by Jeffrey Ritter, Achieving Digital Trust- The New Rules for Business at the Speed of Light.  "Achieving Digital Trust delivers to business executives, IT strategists, and innovation leaders something remarkable-a complete tool-kit of new strategies and resources that will change how they make decisions that matter, and how to build digital assets that can be trusted."

The planet Earth has historically provided us early signals of change.  Our scientists are measuring the temperature of oceans and the impact of weather on the ecosystems that sustain life.  No different than the measurements being assessed environmentally, data science is already making forecasts.  The facts and the math don't lie.  IPv6 is now a reality.  The "Cyber Domain" has been recognized across the world as an addition to the other domains to be defended including Air, Land, Sea and Space.  USCYBERCOM has now been established and for vital reasons.

As each human carries that digital device in our pockets, to perhaps utilize to navigate our way to our next destination, we are judging the trustworthiness of the App of choice.  Is Google Maps more trustworthy than another?  As we sit on the train using another App to order that new addition for our home or digital library, the transaction enables logistics, financial and air/ground transportation systems.  Is Amazon more trustworthy than another?

You see, the future domain for dominance in the business and commerce of the globe, is about "Digital Trust".  The innovation and startup ecosystems are all built on the number of people who trust your tool on a daily basis, as the model for success, not always just the quarterly profit.  Trustworthiness is now the new currency for how the valuation of "Enterprise X" will be interpreted by the markets vs. "Enterprise Y".  Think about it.

 The truth is, that risk management is obsolete and a new digital invention is ready for mankind.

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